Be Happier than you were!

Be Happier than you were!

How can I be happy when I’m facing financial debts?
How can I smile when there has been a death in my family?
How can I relax when I’m jobless and broke?
How can I be mentally stable when all my past relationships have ended on a bad note and I’m facing an emotional turmoil?

The answer lies in the biological and chemical manifestation of the brain cells. Medically speaking, the four neurotransmitters that are responsible for causing ‘happiness’ and ‘euphoria’ like feelings are- Serotonin, Oxytocin, Dopamine and Endorphins. We just need to take the necessary steps that will trigger the brain to release these hormones when we feel depressed or sad.
Manipulating your brain is an easy job if you have the right buttons by your side.

Here’s a checklist of what you can try to boost your smile counter.

#Search “Baby Smiling pics” on google. Sounds damn easy, right? It is. Just leave reading this and do it right now and check if you really smiled watching those pics.

#Help Someone. Anyone. Only one condition- no return expected. Not even a ‘thank you’. Oh, by the way, happiness is equalled to reality divided by expectations. (James Altucher)

# Do something you love. It doesn’t matter if the due date of the assignment submission is tomorrow. If you like watching movies, watch one, if you’re feeling depressed. Health comes first. No matter what.

#Dogs and Puppies. I had dog-fear: whatever phobia is that. But then I met a street dog- Khushi. We spent time together and that’s how ‘dogs’ came in my list of stress buster.

#Talk to someone. Nothing beats this point. Talk to anyone you trust. If you don’t have anyone, just enlist your problems on a piece of paper and tear it down later on. You’ll find yourself relieved. Just try it. It has worked for me.

#Meditate. Honestly, a lot of people have recommended this, and I am yet to try it in my routine.

# Watch comedy shows. Stand up comedy. Comedy TV shows. Comedy movies. Anything that works for you. For recommendations on movies or TV shows, you can send me a message.

#Chocolates. Don’t worry about the added calories. Chocolates are an instant stress reliever. Dairy Milk and Snickers- my favourite.

# Start a random chat with strangers. Over Facebook. In Public. Just a sweet smile and a hello. Compliment some stranger. It’s wild and strange and might be awkward. But it’s worth a try. Smiles will reflect smiles.

Stay happy. Smile more.

Let’s create a smiling world 😀 <3

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