Physical Depression

Physical Depression. Saroj Khan. Ganesh Acharya. Here’s their pic. They are possibly one of the best choreographers in the Bollywood industry, and you won’t object to that. Can you body-shame them?   It’s hard for anyone to realize that you might not have an hour-glass figure or abs, and you can still be healthy and Read more about Physical Depression[…]

Lesson from The Secret (Part-1)

Lesson 1 There’s a fundamental difference between the mentalities of people when one person says, “I don’t want to fail” and the other one says, “I want to get pass in exams with decent marks”. Likewise, as written in the pic, there’s a difference when a person wants to lose weight, or when some other Read more about Lesson from The Secret (Part-1)[…]

Quora session- 1 (Topic- Overcoming Depression)

Question- How should we get rid of the habits (bad) and routines that we tend to acquire during the depression? How should one switch back to that normal life? Answer- Any change is always uncomfortable; no matter how tiny it is. During the depression, a person acquires different habits that tend to easy out his energy Read more about Quora session- 1 (Topic- Overcoming Depression)[…]

Let’s love extremities.

Let’s love extremities.   Life is a battle and you are the warrior. Perhaps, ‘You Only Live Once’ phrase is only meaningful like if we really are in a battle. Either you live or you die. Either you win or you lose. There’s no draw. It’s not a cricket match. There’s no ‘almost won’; it’s Read more about Let’s love extremities.[…]