Words of Love. Letter-1.

Hello Monica Geller, This might sound cliché. Well, it is. Love is cliché. I remember the day we met. I remember the day we became friends. I remember the day we became “friends”. You came in my life like a pathogen. I was weak. I was vulnerable. My immunity, my emotions, my conscience were at Read more about Words of Love. Letter-1.[…]

For the tiny infinity I had with you!

“Say something?” She looked into my eyes and questioned my very silence that I had. “I love your silence, but you have to speak some words for this,” she said, pointing her finger to the gift lying on the table.  I ignored her words and kept looking into her eyes. Those black eyes were as mysterious Read more about For the tiny infinity I had with you![…]

Hello, lost man! (Enigma Encoded-3)

“So, what can I do now? This is unquestionably a bad time for me to do anything.” “But, you’re an inspiration, to me, to everyone out there. You can’t just break down. Be a man.” (It’s my pleasure, dear, feminists). “But… but… can’t you see? I’m so lost. This should’ve not happened to me. I Read more about Hello, lost man! (Enigma Encoded-3)[…]

The Problem: Enigma Encoded-2

“So, what exactly was the problem?” He asked, reluctantly, looking at me, awkward silence surrounding us. I was in love. That was the problem. She was in love, with me, which was a bigger problem. Although, I always thought, love could never be a problem. Only if we were not to live in such a Read more about The Problem: Enigma Encoded-2[…]