Kick-start Your Reading Like…

Well Begun is Half Done! Understand why do you want to start reading? Do you wanna gather extra general knowledge for competitive exams? Do you wanna read because everyone else is? Do you wanna read because you’ve seen ‘books’ changing people’s lives? Based on your purpose, decide what do you wanna read! Online blogs?- Visit […]

Depression is a Phase

Depression is a phase. # It doesn’t attack you in a click. It develops slowly. And suddenly, you realize, you are in that phase. # You isolate yourself from the crowd. The person goes into self-doubt. The doubt over little things starts originating. You don’t believe that your friend might understand you. # Your self-thoughts […]

Demons in My Mind: Book Review

Book Blurb Are crimes and mental illness related? Is your mind under your control? Is your life an illusion created by you? Dakshesh, an old man in Sirubari village suffering from cancer, wishes to be released from excruciating pain. His journey takes him to the three monks, known for miraculous healing and life transformation. He […]