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During our more ‘Philosophical’ moments…we have all wondered about ‘Time’…its true nature…and its impact on us! But what if?…’Time’…had similar concerns…about us? For the people of Aruhu, a tiny Himalayan village, deep in India’s ancient past, what begins as a visitation by a mysterious entity, quickly morphs into an inescapable trap…one that has left its imprint on all of human history…and the future! This is a trap that has seduced hundreds through its lure of absolute power, including the Nazis…who mount an epic expedition to unearth the source of God’s power on Earth…only to discover that the cost of absolute power…is also absolute! This is the story ‘Time’ wants to tell us…this is the story of Chronux!


Book Review

Chronux by sagar kamath is a unique blend of science and philosophy aiming to unfold the mysterious questions about time and it’s exemplification in the form of a tale.
This is one of those huge books with the volume divided into 6 episodes that are further split into chapters.
The flow that has been maintained while different events waver in different periods of time is commendable.
One must not forget to appreciate the deep research done by author before presenting different facts and concepts of science with such precision.
Books can take you to places you’ve never been to and the same applies to Chronux where you might experience kind of time travel too.
Those who love to read science fiction have so much here like the ideas and difficulties related to interstellar communication, which I myself find overwhelmingly interesting

Though, there were times when I felt a bit disconnected because of the less concise explanation of events in history.
The simplicity of language used is the reason why it can be recommended to starters without having a rigorous scientific or philosophical background.
The book cover seems catchy owing to the use of colors for the title and its background.


About the Author

Sagar Kamath teaches History and International Affairs at Symbiosis International University. With a Masters in History and Philosophy and over 9 years of experience in the teaching sector, he has lectured extensively on subjects ranging from global history to modern day geopolitics and specialises in issues of religion and politics. An avid storyteller, he has spent years researching humanity’s intricate interplay with the natural world and believes that events like World War II serve to highlight the best and the worst, we as a species are capable of……something amply reflected in this work. In his free time, he loves to explore ‘off-the-beaten-track’ locales that have a sense of mystique about them.

Sagar Kamath

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