A Stoic's Diary: Book Cover


I have been both good and bad to people.

I have had ups and downs in my life.

I have been extremely happy whenever something good happened.
And like everyone else, I have had my fair share of failures as well.
I have been sad and depressed as well.
There was a time when nothing went right.

I know you might have witnessed such time in your life as well.

So, at that moment,
I started seeking life advices.

While searching-
“How to be happy in your life”,
on Google,
I stumbled upon a few philosophies.

Out of those,
stoicism was the one that attracted me the most.

While researching on stoicism,
I couldn’t help but notice that the simplicity and effectiveness of stoicism were lost in either the fancy words of contemporary writers or the outdated words by ancient stoic writers.

So, here are my interpretations of stoicism in the simplest way possible.


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