Physical Depression

Physical Depression.

Saroj Khan. Ganesh Acharya.

Here’s their pic. They are possibly one of the best choreographers in the Bollywood industry, and you won’t object to that. Can you body-shame them?

Physical Depression
Ganesh Acharya and Saroj Khan


It’s hard for anyone to realize that you might not have an hour-glass figure or abs, and you can still be healthy and fit.

This generation is going through the internet era… where everything is available at our fingertips (or thumb-tip?); even the things which we aren’t supposed to know. Fake Instagram profiles or DSLR+Editing skills: everything adds up to sometimes envious moments of our disgust on our body types. Boys show-off their gym selfies (even on their first day of joining) and girls show their cleavage for more facebook/Instagram likes. Hell, girls on Quora add a selfie with cleavage in every other answer, just to gain more upvotes and followers. I know this might have popped someday in your feed too.


And you know what? It sucks.

It totally does.

Because it’s making people forget that fitness is not related to body fat. If you have a visible tummy, that doesn’t mean you are not fit. Noticed the two in the pic?


“I should not eat fried, or chicken or anything for a while.”

“I should try dieting”

“Noone must see the tyres around my tummy”


No, damn it! 


Do exercise and yoga. Eat healthy and junk once in a while too.

Eat antioxidants (Like green tea or an apple) once a day. Drink a lot of water daily. Stay hydrated.

Stay fit and/or slim.

Noticed that ‘or’ above? That must be enough for the motivation as of now, right?


Don’t get into the trap of physical depression just because you’re fat. Do admit it, if you’re fat.

Eat. Block/unfollow the people who do not make you feel good. You know… YOLO 😉


Let’s create a smiling world 😀 <3

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