What exactly is depression?

What exactly is depression?


A bunch of roses on your table, a million people around you, a thousand hands to help you, a hundred smiles to make your day, a life that’s everyone’s dream to live in : Still you wake up to the emptiness you can never talk about. 

(From Nirali Kapoor’s answer on Quora)

Depression is real. The world is witnessing average 121 suicides every day. 121 damn cases where people kill themselves. Every damn day!

121 cases where people kill themselves. Every damn day!

Firstly, the case of Chester Bennington was grieved by the whole world, and now the case of Buxar DM Mukesh Pandey came in media. Mukesh Pandey committed suicide because he couldn’t tolerate the family issues anymore.

Depression affects different people in different ways. The cause of depression is different for different people. Everyone becomes sad at one point in their life or the other; and unlike that, depression is the prolonged sadness which last days, weeks or even months and years.

Depression, mostly, is a result of a series of events where one’s life goes through difficult times.

People lose hope. Nothing seems to be going right. Every thing appears to be pushing you in a sea of sorrows.

(For other depression signs, visit this- Depression is a Phase)

Neurologically speaking, depression creates an imbalance in the brain’s chemicals. And that’s where antidepressants come into existence. (We will talk about oxytocin in some other write-up.)

Socially speaking, a depressed person tends to stay away from the group. You start losing interest in social gatherings. (It’s different from being an introvert). You think that no one might understand your condition, or a slight doubt of being misjudged and you lose all your conscious of speaking up to any matter.

Often, depression brings anxiety, stress and similar kind of physical or mental disorders. Sweaty palms, increased heartbeat or BP, weight loss/gain, loss of appetite… all these are major symptoms. But then again, there are different levels and conditions of depression for different people.

It’s high time now. We must understand that depression is not just a state of mind.

“Tere dimag me hai yeh sirf. Zyada na socha kr, sab theek hoga”

No! Don’t say this.  You can’t treat depression like this.

Depression is real. And, we need to talk.








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