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About the Book – When Change Happens

‘WHEN CHANGE HAPPENS…A Story of Organisational Transformation’ provokes reflection and opportunities that are enduring and enable the reader to come to real grips with the daunting task of mastering techniques to usher change.

By creating a fictional company supported by actual situations encountered by him, during the many change and transformation interventions that he has been led and been a part of, the author, Lalit Jagitani has presented practical wisdom without compromising the confidentiality of the organisations. His storytelling narrative seen through the lens of a change agent enables sharing of lived content and nuances making this genre a powerful and entertaining way to transfer tacit knowledge.



“WHEN CHANGE HAPPENS…A Story of Organisational Transformation” is a contemporary fiction by ‘Lalit Jagtiani’. Via its protagonist, Matt, the novel talks about bringing change and its management in the business organisation.


Change management is a core business concept, but a layman to this field, like me, was able to comprehend the meaning of the concepts involved. And all this because of the simplicity of the writing style of the author. The language used in the book is easy and the narration is fresh. The change management is mentioned in quite simpler terms throughout the book via different metaphorical incidents.

"When Change Happens"- Book Cover

“When Change Happens”- Book Cover


“When Change Happens”, in simpler terms, is a story of how Matt brings the change in his organisation tackling all the obstacles and adverse situations that came his way. Through this simple story, the author has penned down certain philosophical quotes too.

The effectiveness and ease of author’s writing are apparent from the very first page. Consider this random prose-

“… The tapping on his keypad droned on. Matt was drafting another meaningless letter to an equally meaningless individual, each performing a ‘meaningful’ role in their respective organisations- using the to-and-fro communication to justify their employment and their respective salaries.” Page- 2.


I loved the book cover; it depicts uniqueness and yet relatability as per the content of this book. The way Lalit has described the intro of certain scenes is quite commendable. Apparently, he does know how to write in a gripping way. We need more such books to raise the bar of Indian literature. The book has an interesting plot with a page turner recipe that can hook up a reader from cover to cover.

Through Matt, I learnt a lot of things related to management and business in simpler ways. Do you want to, too?


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About the Author

A strong believer in chasing his dreams, Lalit has had varied experiences, that go beyond the typical corporate realm. A Diploma in Film Making led him to script and direct numerous videos and TV spots.

Like Matt, the protagonist of his book, Lalit believes that his transformation started when he was trained as a coach. He feels that the training and coaching he was exposed to were the turning points in his professional life and personal life.

He is a firm believer, that insight on the application of concepts are equally important as the concepts themselves. This is what has driven Lalit to compile his experiences into a compelling story that readers can use to hone their skills on transformation.

He is the co-founder of LeadThink©.

Lalit is a Business Transformation Specialist. As an adviser to businesses, he believes his unique value comes from his ability to see the connections that are not very obvious.

He provides a diagnostic and insight-based approach to his engagements. He has led and managed organisation transformations for customers across the Asia Pacific region. Currently, he works with the top customers of SAP to drive innovation and transformation that can create new business value.

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WHEN CHANGE HAPPENS... A Story of Organisational Transformation
Lalit Jagtiani
Notion Press

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