Dipanshu Rawal

Hi, I am Dipanshu.

I knew something would bring you here!

After living life like any other teenager- completely clueless, doing what society told me to, I graduated with a degree I no longer need, for which I paid with the money I didn’t have.

Like a typical millennial.

But not so typical.

One fine day in 2014, I picked up a novel and started reading. And then I read more and more books.

Some books even changed my life completely.

Like any other average Indian guy, I had my set of insecurities and existential crisis.

That lead me to study and practice different philosophies.

Since then, I have been learning, practicing, and sharing about Minimalism and Stoicism.

I have always been an egotistical narcissist.

Obviously, that has landed me into trouble multiple times.

But one fine day in 2017, I did the most abominable act of my life (so far) and that was my tipping point.

Only then I started learning about Self Improvement practices and delved into my self-care.

I work as a Social Media Marketer and I write primarily about Branding and Self Improvement topics here on my blog.

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If you are a lazy bum person, or someone who’s broken, lost, and needs a direction in life, feel free to fill this form and contact me. I’d love to help you directly in a way where you’d start your self-care journey!

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