2 Peg ke Baad: Book Review

Book Blurb

2 Peg Ke Baad brings together 14 short stories that happened after 2 pegs, in an inebriated state. World’s greatest stories are created when people are high – masterpieces are painted, universal truths are realized, models on billboards are befriended, lovers are united, butts are kicked, confessions are made, and relationships are sorted. 
The book started as a blog with people from across the world sharing their stories, ideas, confessions and beliefs and the elixir of the 14 best stories is here to reveal what lies beyond a conscious mind.

Though the book does not intend to encourage drinking alcohol in any sense, here’s to celebrate every emotion that kicks after a few pegs. Cheers!!

My Review

This anthology of short stories, written by Dr Nikita Lalwani, is an apt example of what form creativity can take. 

These are the fourteen short stories compiled in the book-

1. A Walk With A Call Girl
2. My Last painting
3. What Happens in Banaras… Stays for a Lifetime
4. How We Got Married
5. Apology! Sex Pays
6. Papier Blanc (The Blank Paper)
7. When All That Mattered Was A Gun
8. Drive-In-Sanity
9. Kicking the Butt
10. Rosita in the Bar
11. It’s not a Love Story
12. Epilogue
13. Euphobia 
14. Car no. 88
Each and every story has a message to speak. The message is spoken sometimes directly, like in the second story; whereas some stories, like the first one- A Walk with a Call Girl, delivers its message metaphorically. 

I don’t drink, and at no point, I support alcohol or any kind of narcotics or drugs, and neither does the author, as mentioned in the Introduction part of the book. But, we have to admit that every euphoria, dysphoria or unconsciousness of the brain has brought up life-changing events. So, the book has a collection of 14 stories that happened 2 peg ke baad.

The vocabulary part is superb and you can see how beautifully the author paints the scenic nature in all the stories. The book has a gripping magic, that starts right from the beginning. 

I’ll be sharing three quotes from the first two stories here, from the book.

There is not much difference in getting laid and playing drums; the harder you hit, the better the cords revert. (Page-5)

Here’s a thing about life: it makes you believe that you have everything in control, but the truth is that nothing really is. (Page-9)

They say, “Whine a little and you will feel better”, I say, “Wine a little and you will feel much better.” (Page-12)

Purposefully, I quoted the lines from the first two chapters only. Well, after giving you a taste of this book, I want to maintain a surprise element of this drink for you.

This is certainly an entertaining one time read. 

P.S. In all the ways, the reviewer was conscious while writing this review. Somehow, the euphoria that I feel while writing this review could be due to the author’s addictive writings and not due to any Martini or Tequila shots.  

Book cover and title

The title is catchy. The book cover is complementing its beauty. 

Kudos to Srishti Publishers and the author, Dr Nikita Lalwani, for creating this tremendous work. 


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About the Author

A writer/dentist/copywriter/blogger/coffee enthusiast/explorer/arithmophobic, Dr Nikita Lalwani considers herself to be married to writing and is very happy with that. Swimming, spirituality, reading, learning new languages are her other girlfriends. She authored her first non-fiction work ‘Live Life…Stop Analysing It’ when she was 16. Nikita believes that dentistry happened to be destiny, but writing is where she truly finds herself. 

She considers herself a workaholic and loves exploring different aspects of life that stand way away from just textbooks and desk jobs. Currently, she is working as a copywriter with an ad agency in Mumbai.

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