Why Ayn Rand’s ‘Fountainhead’ is a classic book!

The Fountainhead is a novel by Ayn Rand and was her first major literary success.” ~Wikipedia. Every once in a while, we come across a book with a talent so tangible and a concept so alive, that it becomes an integral part of our life. The deeper you dive in; the clearer is the sight of the treasure of Read more about Why Ayn Rand’s ‘Fountainhead’ is a classic book![…]

Transitions And Beyond: Book Review

About the Book- Transitions and Beyond ‘Transitions and Beyond’ helps us recalibrate our focus to align with our long-term objectives and goals thus making problems much easier to deal with and restoring one’s confidence in life. It promises to renew and reform a disordered life so that one can live a complete life with all stagnation Read more about Transitions And Beyond: Book Review[…]

Vertical Living by Vidyangi: Book Review

About the Book- Vertical Living Vertical Living- Find your Inner Guru, Be a High Performer with Purpose. In the 1980s, when computers were still early in their evolution, Steve Jobs marketed the concept of laptops to the world. He passed the torch of creativity to people like Elon Musk, who is on a mission to create Read more about Vertical Living by Vidyangi: Book Review[…]