80 by 20 Principle by Richard Koch- book cover

80/20 Principle: Book Summary

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Book #16:

The 80/20 Principle by Richard Koch

1. 80/20?
The minority, 20% of causes, inputs, or effort usually leads to a majority, 80% of the results.

2. 20% of choices.
The ones that have a massive impact.
Eg. You probably can recall a few critical turning points in your life that brought you to your current self.

3. 20% of efforts.
Find the critical efforts that lead to the majority of results.
Eg. Many ventures often times rely on a few key missions to succeed.

4. Conduct an 80/20 analysis. Find out what you can optimise. To maximise your effectiveness, focus only on what matters most.

5. So, what you can do about it? “Eliminate or reduce the 80% of efforts that produce poor results, there are many ways to waste your time and resources.”

Bonus point- 20% of People cause 80% of problems in our lives.
And, 20% of people are the reason for 80% of our happiness.

80 by 20 Principle by Richard Koch- book cover
80 by 20 Principle by Richard Koch – book cover


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