A Pearl from Every Oyster: Stories that Were Meant to be Shorter (Book Review)

About the Book

Ricky, a busy professional, is a blend of candid innocence and persistent resilience. He takes the roller coaster ride of life studded with unique happenings that, combined with his sensitive nature, give him the distinct ability to observe, reflect, interpret and empathise with the individuals and scenes that life has unfolded for him in its theatre.
But how do a derailed train, living with a physically challenged person, frolicsome times with friends, a cigarette, the complexities of love and desire, an encounter with death, early loss of a parent, a bout of paralysis, ironies of the workplace and deep mental challenges at school contribute to his interpretation of life?
A Pearl from Every Oyster is a collection of short stories that revolve around the life of Ricky as he embarks on the journey to find the pearls in every oyster life provides him, thus moulding his personality to what it is today.

Book Review

“A Pearl from Every Oyster” is a collection of 22 short stories. The author, Roy Cherian Cherukarayil, has described his life events, and the people he has received immense inspiration from. His way of looking at people is different, which makes this book unique.

I am not a fan of autobiographies and this one is written in an autobiographical sense. Anyway, it was a unique experience for me.

The author’s command over language is wonderful, and the stories are beautiful. He has a classic writing style. This is the kind of book you can teach in literature classes.

10/10 for the vocabulary used, and the simple straightforward narration.

This book is 284 pages long. Had it been 50-70 pages shorter, it’d be perfect. 22 stories make it a bit monotonous.

Otherwise, it’s classic contemporary literature and you should try it.

It’s a wonderful read for beginners at reading, as well as the serious readers.

Purchase your copy from Amazon here- http://amzn.to/2GHrOUp

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Thank you!

Dipanshu Rawal.


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