Opening Up: Episode 1 – Be Vulnerable, it helps!

In the first episode of “Opening Up” my new podcast series, I am explaining why did I choose the subject of vulnerability.

Being vulnerable helps. Do you want to know how?

Listen to the first podcast episode here:



This is the Episode 1 of Opening Up with Dipanshu Rawal.
This is the introductory episode and today’s topic is “Be vulnerable, it helps!”

I’ll give you an example of one of my favourite mentors: James Altucher. If you haven’t read any of his books or articles yet, google his name and check out his work. He is an American hedge fund manager, entrepreneur, bestselling author, and a podcaster.

So, James Altucher is someone who knocks out almost everyone when it comes to being vulnerable. He talks about his bankruptcy, the times when he got homeless – when his known ones stopped talking to him, and then he writes about all the lessons he learnt from such experiences. He has written a lot of articles about these lessons.

Another amazing case is of Ryan Holiday. Ryan Holiday is an American author, marketer, and entrepreneur.
If you listen to any of his interviews, you’ll be sure – that he is a humble guy.

Anyway, he has written a book about Ego – Ego is the enemy.
Even for a humble guy like Ryan Holiday, he found out that he had ego issues. Almost everybody does.
That’s why the Ego is the enemy.

But do you know how he was able to figure all that out?
Because he opened up. He let it out. He became vulnerable.

Vulnerability might sound like a scary emotion, but if you can manage it wisely, it is quite helpful. Being vulnerable and opening up helps in your overall growth.

If you don’t show your scars if you don’t open up – how are you going to work on your self-improvement? How will you be a better version of yourself?

Don’t be afraid to show your scars. Be Vulnerable. Be authentic.
Catch you soon in the next episode.
Looking forward to your feedback on my first podcast episode of Opening Up with Dipanshu Rawal.

15 thoughts on “Opening Up: Episode 1 – Be Vulnerable, it helps!”

  1. Apoorva Ravi

    It’s a good start and something different and something everyone needs. Just a suggestion that you could work on your emotions a bit more which could make you podcast even much better.

  2. Humbly explained! Looking forward to hear more from you.. it’s rare to come across such wisdom these days. kudos xx

  3. Vulnerability and ego issues, both these topics were never ever heard or read by me. But, yes I found it helpful.
    Looking forward to hear from you on these topics.
    This was a good start on introductory podcast.
    Best wishes ✌

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