Betwixt Twists and Turns: Book Review

Book Blurb
Dragonflies are said to be harbingers of rain, but they may be much more for one unsuspecting woman. A household dog finds a reprieve when Grandma comes to stay. A young man stops by an ATM at night and finds himself encountering robbers-and a young woman who may not be what she seems. In Betwixt Twists and Turns, author Mona Mohanty presents a series of short stories born from random thoughts that popped up out of nowhere, overheard bits of conversation, parables of family lore, and anecdotes from friends. These tales come from a variety of viewpoints-an older woman who receives an unexpected telegram, a businessman who encounters what might be a ghost, and various animals sharing their impressions of human life. These stories vividly capture the routine of existence-but with a surprising twist. This collection of short stories set in India features tales with unexpected outcomes from a wide range of perspectives, both human and animal.

“Betwixt Twists and Turns” is an anthology of 25 beautifully written short stories. These 25 stories are-

  1. Wandering
  2. In the Mind’s Eye
  3. A Drive 
  4. A Meeting
  5. Turning the Corner
  6. Life’s a well
  7. Wind beneath My Wings
  8. Food for Thoughts
  9. Toy Stories
  10. The Sentinel
  11. Hustle in a Bustle
  12. Memories
  13. The Dark Knight
  14. Spanner in the Works
  15. The Message Trail
  16. The Route
  17. Déjà vu
  18. The Nest
  19. On the Mountain Track
  20. The Open Closet
  21. Watch and Ward
  22. Prayers
  23. The Call
  24. Stop
  25. Lullaby
All the stories have one thing in common, as the title suggests, ‘twists and turns’. The anthology is the compilation of intellectual thoughts that provoke some serious thinking at certain points.

The writing style is an added bonus. The way all the stories were crafted, is magnificent, and the author’s words beautified them more.

Death is inevitable. The author used death wonderfully amidst the stories. But, that made a few endings predictable. The editor has done a commendable job, not leaving behind any rugs.

Overall, the book blurb, book cover, editing, everything is perfectly executed. This book is a fabulous read. Don’t miss a chance to grab it!

Book Details-
  • Paperback: 122 pages
  • Publisher: Partridge India (13 May 2016)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1482874172

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