About the book (Beyond Words and Between the Lines)

This book isn’t just a collection of poems but showcases a kaleidoscope of emotions and experiences. These poems will help you feel more than what is written in them and read what is unwritten!

‘Beyond (words) And Between (the lines)’ is an effort to take you through a rigorous mental workout. This exercise won’t leave you exhausted, though. Rather it will reinvigorate your grey matter.

The poems – mostly without any pattern -mirror life’s trials and tribulations, despair and hope, even as they reflect ironies abounding the planet we call Earth.

Book Review (Beyond Words And Between the Lines)

“Beyond Words and Between the Lines” is an art created by Noren (Pen name), and is a collection of short and crispy poems.

The soulful poems written by Noren is a must-read for everyone who’s a deep thinker.

All the poems are written and categorized under 6 major themes as-

  1. Bitterness
  2. Struggle
  3. Frustration
  4. Journey
  5. Lessons
  6. Realizations

I found the poems really beautiful and soul-piercing. And, this is the reason why I recommend this book. It’s definitely a 5/5 book for me.

The minimalist book cover is eye-catching, and the title of the book is so apt. In fact, I loved the title!

If I have to use 5 words to describe this poetry book, I’d say –  soulful, sophisticated, simple, true, and beautiful.


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My favourite one from this book, (also present on my Instagram profile)

Dump that junk of the past

Don’t let it pollute the present

Yesterday’s garbage

shouldn’t foul today’s treasure.

(Page- 126)

poem from beyond and between book
a poem from beyond and between book


Beyond Words And Between The Lines


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