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Bombay Swastika: Book Review

Book Blurb (Bombay Swastika)

Bombay Swastika swings from a Nazi Berlin gearing up for its Final Solution, to 1964 Bombay, where Ernst Steiger, a German Jew, accidentally finds himself caught up in the murder of a young tribal, killed amidst allegations of something being stolen from a secure American compound. With the monsoons laying siege to the city, the reader accompanies Ernst past Bombay’s refugee camps and haunted whorehouses; food shortages, textbook mafias, communist protests against American PL 480 Food Aid, and peculiar happenings at India’s nuclear facility; where Dr Homi J. Bhabha, the nation’s atomic mastermind, gets drawn into a conspiracy hatched in his absence.

This one-of-a-kind thriller unfolds through the eyes of a motley cast-Salim Ali, the South Indian, Muslim engineer and committed Marxist; Bhairavi, the enigmatic and sensual refugee girl; Sethji, the dowry messiah; Tsering Tufan-Homi Bhabha’s Smiling Buddha-dying from radiation exposure; and Andhi Ma, the blind mendicant who sees what we can’t.

Bombay Swastika is an exploration of the dark world of absolute truths.


Book Review (Bombay Swastika)

Bombay Swastika by Braham Singh is a thriller set in past (mid 20th century). The foremost attractive thing about this book is the enormous amount of research efforts that have been put to set up the plot and details.

I am not so much into murder mysteries and thriller novels, but Braham’s debut book was a pleasurable read. The writing style is connecting and fresh. There’s not much scope for editing, and such things have been taken care of!

Braham is a debut writer, but his writing intellect seemed to be experienced enough to hold you glued.

Writing a book with so much research involved is certainly not an easy task.

The negative part is so many characters (though they’re managed decently), and so lengthy word count (400 pages). If it’d have been shorter, the thrill part could be better. Though, the wit in the dialogues keeps the pace interesting.

For the thrill-lovers, this book surely would be a treat!

A book you should definitely try!


Bombay Swastika- Book Cover
Bombay Swastika- Book Cover

The book cover is simple and the blurb is wonderful.


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About the Author of Bombay Swastika

As Chief Product Officer of a global telecommunications company, BRAHAM SINGH writes extensively on IT and telecommunications. Shifting gears, he now gives us Bombay Swastika, his first novel. He also wrote the screenplay for Emperor, a political thriller set in Malaysia and based around their May 1969 race riots. Emperor, the novel, is near completion. He recently began research on his third novel, The Little Eunuch, set in China. He divides his time between Virginia and Hong Kong.


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Bombay Swastika

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