Questions you need to answer before creating a Brand Strategy!

When creating a brand strategy, there are myriad things that one has to keep in account. But the first things first.

The first step to plan a brand strategy is to answer certain questions.

Here’s a list of such questions:-

What’s your brand message?

A brand is a message.

Nike promotes “Just do it”- inspiring people to be proactive and be performers in their lives. Yuvraj Singh delivers the message “You-We-Can“- inspiring the cancer survivors.

What’s your brand message? What’s your tagline?

What is your core brand strength?

Branding is about focusing on one key trait of the company brand or individual brand. You may be good at a lot of things, but your brand will grow only with one key trait at a time.

Salman Khan is a good painter- but we know him for his movies first.

Deepika Padukone is a Badminton Player- and yet we know her for the acting, right?

Who is your target audience?

Salman Khan has never done any on-screen kissing scene. Being in an orthodoxical society, with this strategy, he caters his movies targetting complete families.

So ask yourself:-

What are their demographics?

Gender? Age group? Educational qualification? Languages known to your target audience? Which social media platforms do they use the most?

What value do you provide to your customers?

A brand provides value to its customers.

A customer is anyone who will buy your product. A reader is the customer of a blogger, who buys (reads) your posts.

Do you write informative posts? Do you write funny and entertaining posts?


There will be more such questions that will revolve around the brand strengths and core objectives, which you need to answer before crafting any brand strategy.

Stay tuned. I’ll continue the series under the category “Branding”.

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