Raghvendra Singh Nain

Interview: Raghvendra Singh Nain

Raghvendra Singh Nain (RS Nain): Author Interview Today, I feel blessed to have Raghvendra Singh Nain sir on board with me for a quick interview session. Raghvendra Singh Nain sir, belonging to the Moradabad district of Uttar Pradesh, runs a school, by the name RS Nain school, in Moradabad. He has done his higher education with Read more about Interview: Raghvendra Singh Nain[…]

Interview: Deepika Sharma Grover

Deepika Sharma Grover is the co-author of the book- “Indian Women and the Shaadi Conundrum” and also the editor and co-founder of- TheHappyWomen.com . She is a feminist who believes in equality of men and women rather than advocating the bullshit of turning this world into a matriarchial society. Let’s she how she adds charm to the Read more about Interview: Deepika Sharma Grover[…]

Meet Dr Ajay Yadav (Author of ‘From Where I See’)

A doctor who writes: Dr Ajay Yadav Today I am interviewing an anaesthetist and a writer, Dr Ajay Yadav, the author of a wonderful semi-fiction book- From Where I See. Let’s  get straight to his introduction in his own words. { I’m not judging or anything, but Dr Ajay Yadav is damn good looking 😀 } Read more about Meet Dr Ajay Yadav (Author of ‘From Where I See’)[…]

Meet ‘Mayank Sharma’ (Vashi)

“You got feelings? You better pour them into the words.” That’s the first thing I could think of while interviewing a literary soul Mayank Sharma, aka Vashi. He is the author of two novels- “A Cocktail of love” and “Mirage.” He is a technical writer by profession and a free soul by passion. Let’s cut the chase and Read more about Meet ‘Mayank Sharma’ (Vashi)[…]