Author of Political Thriller Ashvamedha (Aparna Sinha)- Interview

Recently, I had an interesting session interviewing Aparna Sinha, the author of the best-selling political thriller, Ashvamedha. Her answers and words solved many unsaid queries. Thanks to the Author Paradise team and Aparna Sinha for this opportunity.

Let’s see how beautifully she answered every question related to her novel and herself.

Q/A Session with Aparna Sinha- the author of Ashvamedha, a well written political thrill.

  • Holding your book Ashvamedha in your hand, for the first time, how did it feel?
  • Many emotions: I felt proud, with a feeling of accomplishment; I felt strong and powerful- for my willpower won over the pain (of my disease); I was ecstatic for I realized my childhood dream; sad, as I missed presence of my father; blessed to have a family who made it happen; I felt on top of the world, when my mother told me I make her proud and finally back to reality to where I belong; all these emotions in matter of few seconds.


  • Did you always know you’ll be an author one day?
  • Yes. I have been writing since childhood and always wanted to be a published author.


  • Apart from writing, what else do you do professionally?
  • I was a marketing and communication professional before leaving the same due to illness.


  • Tell us who is your favorite character from this political thriller and why?
  • I have practically lived each character before putting it down on paper. I also hyperventilated with Hades, in real life. To say one character is my favorite is unfair- Each character is my favorite. Even the ones like ‘AK Nandi’.