Interviewing Shweta Singh (Author & YouTuber)

Interview: Shweta Singh Today,  we are getting an amazing opportunity to know more about Shweta Singh, who I’d nickname as a free soul. She is a YouTuber, a motivational speaker, and the author of two books “7 Incredible Ways To Gorgeous Failure” and “The Night I Woke Up“. These interview sessions are beneficial for budding writers, speakers, and …

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Author of Political Thriller Ashvamedha (Aparna Sinha)- Interview

Recently, I had an interesting session interviewing Aparna Sinha, the author of the best-selling political thriller, Ashvamedha. Her answers and words solved many unsaid queries. Thanks to the Author Paradise team and Aparna Sinha for this opportunity. Let’s see how beautifully she answered every question related to her novel and herself. Q/A Session with Aparna Sinha- …

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