Dear Office, You Suck! by Nitin Sharma (Book Review)

Book Blurb (Dear Office, You Suck!) by Nitin Sharma

“Job: wrong job Girl: wrong girl Salary: wrong salary Dreams: wrong dreams Before getting a job, he had a life. He roamed about with his pals, watched birds, hit on the girl he loved, went to bed and woke up when and as he wanted. After getting his first job, his world has turned upside down. Now he has a nagging boss, backstabbing colleagues, grumpy clients, a pitiable salary, overcrowded city roads, and a broken heart. But he is not hopeless! Times change fast; especially his. Welcome to Vishesh Mehta’s life. Or, have I stolen the story of your own life? Find out…”


Book Review

“Dear Office,

Gotta tell you something. No, no, no, for God’s sake don’t shut me up again! Can I Speak for once in my life? Mate, I’ve held back for too long. Not anymore, no. It’s like drink after drink bulding up in your bladder. Can you hold your pee forever? No. You have to let it go. I have to say it, or I will implode!…”


Imagine the book starts with this letter. (It does!) Just wonder how beautiful the expressions must be in the book!

I quite liked the way how the debutant novelist, Nitin Sharma penned down various expressions of the protagonist in the novel. Whenever he had to say something witty, sarcastic or pinching about the situation, he used italics. And trust me when I say, he has used a lot of italic lines for stating expressions. I don’t know how and why but those expressions seem perfect and not overused.

Consider the following random prose and the italic lines among it.

“You know what this is?” He showed Vishesh a dark red file one morning.

“No, sir,” said Vishesh. How would I know what’s in your hand?

“Ofcourse you don’t. This is the Quarterly Assessment Report Form from HRD. What you do out there goes in here.”

“Okay, sir,” Vishesh said politely but uninterestedly. So that’s why it is dark red. Stained with executive blood. But he was still a new guy, immune to it. (Page-76)

The lead character, Vishesh is an inspiring guy! {Or maybe I’m just another hopeless optimist 😉 }

The plot is well crafted and the narration is easy to follow. The office environment is really connecting with the readers. I’m a student, but I shared the plot scenario with one of my office going friends. The side character of Robin is adorable and is brilliant with his dialogues even when the plot twist comes at the end.

With ranging from office masala to the love shit, the novel takes the readers on a beautiful journey.

The book is gripping from its very first line. Oh, by the way, here’s the first line-

When booze speaks, man listens. Raptly.

I guess I don’t have to say more about how the book starts. It starts with a BOOM!

The editing part is beautifully covered and the page quality is great.


Book Cover and Title

“Dear Office, You Suck!”

“I had a love. I had a life. Then office happened…” -a traumatised office-goer recalls. 

Dear Office, You Suck! By Nitin Sharma (Book Cover)
Dear Office, You Suck! By Nitin Sharma (Book Cover)

One of the best titles I’ve ever come across. Both the title and the sub-title are attractive and catchy! The book cover matches the theme, though I could see a bit scope for improvement there.

All in all, the novel is an amazingly entertaining read by Nitin Sharma!



About the Author

Nitin Sharma, a dreamer by nature, an incorrigible foodie and avid reader by habit, he holds a Post Graduate Diploma in International Business. ‘Dear Office, You Suck!’ is his first novel, though he has also authored/co-authored five other books on academic subjects. He says his goal is to write unique stories to entertain the reader


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Product details

  • Paperback: 232 pages
  • Publisher: Zorba Books (2017)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 9386407019
  • ISBN-13: 978-9386407016

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Dear Office, You Suck!
Nitin Sharma

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  1. Interesting review for an interesting Book title. Loved the way you put those thoughts there, Nitin. I specially connect to this since I’m the designer who worked on this illustrated cover. ?

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