Is Your Food Giving You Mental Peace?

Our gut has more serotonin than our brain.

Serotonin is the neurochemical linked with “happiness”.

Meaning, our food affects our mood. (Wow, that rhymed!)

I love healthy and unhealthy food equally.

I eat a lot. I am a foodie.

But up until a few months ago, I never realized how my food can directly impact my mood.

How’s your BMF connection?

Your BMF (body-mind-food) connection is vital for your mental health.

It matters what you are eating. It equally matters how you are eating whatever you are eating.

How is your food making you feel?

Do you feel guilty/regret for eating food? OR Do you feel better after eating food?

Is your food making you fat, or is it nourishing your body?

Do you feel charged up after having your meals, or do you feel your body is slowing down after you eat your meal?

Here are some ways I practically worked to connect my BMF in a better way:

Being Mindful with your food

You can practice this to overcome overthinking as well.

Here’s a little experiment I tried with my food recently. ⁣⁣

I integrated mindfulness into my meals. ⁣

That means, whenever I eat anything, I try to be completely mindful of the food, the nutrition, the taste, the effects… Everything. ⁣

Does this sound too much? ⁣

Here’s a quick way to start – ⁣

Eat one bite at a time. Don’t touch another bite from your meal, unless you have finished the previous bite in your mouth. ⁣While eating, chew your food properly. Don’t watch any video, or read anything. Give your food some attention.

Say Thank You

If you’re someone with anorexia, or in general you don’t like eating food, or you feel guilty after eating the food… Practice gratitude.

After every bite, say ‘thank you’. After every bite.

Bless your food with love and affection. And you’ll get the same in return.

Talk to your food, like a friend, before you start eating it.

Say, “Hey Food, thank you for being here. You are the reason my body will have the energy today. You are going to nourish me, my body, my soul. Thank you.”

Slow Down

Chew your food properly. Eat one bite at a time. Your meals might take 5min extra. But you can afford that extra 5min, right?

That being said, you don’t have to eat all day long, and you don’t have to keep fasting all day either.

When you slow down, connect your body-food-mind, be mindful about eating – your food won’t sabotage your mental and physical health; rather your food will be the reason you’ll get all the positive and productive energy.

Eat Healthy

Maybe not 100%. But include food items that are good for your brain and your body.

Add nuts (walnuts, almonds), seeds (pumpkin, chia), green veggies, salads, etc in your diet.

Banana is an anti-depressant. Plus, water.

Drink A LOT of water

Apart from being good for your body, it’s equally good for your harmony.

When you’re hydrated, your skin glows, your body is active, and yes, you’ll have smoother communication while opening up.

Excessive water drinking can cause loss of micronutrients from the body, so there’s that.

But that’s “excessive water drinking”. In normal cases, we don’t even do “normal water drinking”.

Another rule, I have had followed over the years – “Drink more water and less of anything that’s not water.”

You are what you eat

I used to be a hardcore non-vegetarian till November 2017, when I turned into a vegetarian.

I was never a pet lover. But after saying no to eating meat, I noticed transformational changes in my behavior.

I became more kind and considerate. I even started loving pets. And a lot of other changes occurred, that can’t be explained – can only be experienced.

So I decided to take this to the next level. After 1.5 years of being vegetarian, I changed my food preferences to being a Vegan. That means I don’t consume any animal products, including dairy and honey.

It’s been a year almost since I turned to veganism, and yes, it’s been an AWESOME journey so far. I have observed even better results in the past year.

I’m not saying that nonvegetarians are not kind or anything.

But this is my personal experience.

You are what you eat. You are how you eat everything you eat.

Are you eating consciously?

Are you eating mindfully?

Is your food making you feel good?

Do you feel your food is a blessing?

Today, when you eat your food, observe – HOW IS YOUR FOOD MAKING YOU FEEL?

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