In God’s Wishlist: Book Review

Book Blurb
“‘In Gods Wishlist’ is a fantasy that speaks of a whole new world order, where there will be no fear of death. Love and beauty will rule the world and spirits will interact and fall in love with human beings and propagate love. This love will transcend everything and be the panacea to all problems. God has a vision and a mission. He invites humankind to join active politics as it controls their life. He performs experiments to induct his theory. In one of his experiments, he studied beauty with the mind, and released all the spirits to the world, except for twenty-one top leaders of the world, whose beautiful minds were not mapped and programmed. God’s theory is that the two main things that rule the earth are the ruler and beauty that remains true for all ages. Youth have different aspirations, towards their fantasy, the opponent, and society. To inculcate this God inducted a new theory of love, the love between the spirit and a human being. The love between the spirit and a human being will be the panacea of all and this love will transcend human behaviour. Read to find out how and what is in God’s Wishlist…”

The book blurb and the title raises the reader’s hopes and the plot justifies the hype. The God is portrayed as the protagonist in the book. The plot is unique and creative.

The language used and narration done by the author is easy to follow and makes this book a decent read. However, at times, apparently, the author went far away describing things that shouldn’t need any description. So, at times, some scenes fades away as boring. 

The uniqueness of this book lies in the genre it touches throughout its journey. This book surely is quite an eye opener for the budding writers. The title and cover of the book are catchy and relevant. There’s scope of improvement in writing style, though.

Overall, a fabulous one time read. 

Book Details

  • Paperback: 250 pages
  • Publisher: Frog Books (28 December 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 9352015525

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