Interview: Deepika Sharma Grover

Deepika Sharma Grover is the co-author of the book- “Indian Women and the Shaadi Conundrum” and also the editor and co-founder of- . She is a feminist who believes in equality of men and women rather than advocating the bullshit of turning this world into a matriarchial society.

Let’s she how she adds charm to the literary world with her words in this interview.


Q. Who is “Deepika Sharma Grover” from your viewpoint?

Deepika Sharma Grover is a seeker who yearns to know life and to understand things the way they are, without any addition or subtraction.

I am also an eternal optimist who believes that every setback presents to you an opportunity to learn, grow and evolve.

Deepika Sharma Grover
Deepika Sharma Grover


Q. Tell us about your platform “”?

The is a platform to motivate, inspire and empower women. We provide online counselling services at subsidised rates so that women can share their problems as we enable them to find possible solutions. We also help authors to reach out to their readers and fans through our platform and also publish articles that aim to inspire and motivate women.


Q. We have recently heard a lot about the misuse of feminist issues. What are your views on it?

Yes, often people site feminism to meet their own ends. Also, I believe that feminism as a word is often misquoted. Many people do not understand that feminism advocates equality for both men and women. For instance, feminists may have issues with the patriarchal structure of our society where men are considered superior. However, advocating a matriarchal culture over a patriarchal one is not feminism. Rather, working towards a society which has equal opportunities for men and women is what a true feminist believes in.


Q. Your book “Indian Women and the Shaadi Conundrum” has brilliant ratings on Amazon, (4.7/5 average star rating). How do you feel about it?

As an author, it gives me immense pleasure to know that people are enjoying the book. When we started the journey (i.e. my co-author and me), we were inspired by the thought that if we are able to bring about a difference in the life of at least one woman, it would be worth the effort. The kind of positive response that we have got from so many women does make us happy.


Q. Tell us about the co-author of your book.

My co-author Dr. Rachna Arora, is a psychologist, poet and blogger. She stays in Singapore. The book was a mutual idea as we wanted to help women cope-up with pre-wedding blues and post wedding issues like managing new relationships.


Q. What sort of merits and demerits are there, if you are having a co-author of your book?

Having a co-author does help you in many ways. The book was conceived through endless conversations over the phone, discussions and disagreements and was a team effort.

Well, I don’t think there are any demerits. But yes there were challenges, in terms of consistency in the language, as both of us had different writing styles. Moreover, I stay in Bangalore and Rachna stays in Singapore, so the book was ideated and executed over endless conversations over the phone, but we are lucky to be living in times where technology makes things so easy.


Q. From discussing the idea to publishing it, how was the journey of your book?

Like every other first time author, the entire process was a bit overwhelming especially after completing the book we did face challenges as both of us were new to the publishing world. We conceived the book in 2014 and it came out in 2016, almost two and half years after we started working on it. Apart from the time-consuming writing process, so many efforts were made to make the book available in the market. However, it has been an enriching experience and both of us have eventually learned the tricks of the trade.


Q. When you started blogging, did you know you’d be a published author one day?

Writing is something that comes naturally to me. Also, I believe that good writers are also good readers. From childhood, I have been reading extensively and I still have the fairytales that I read in kindergarten, and they are my most cherished possessions.

I had harboured the dream of becoming an author much before I started blogging. But blogging did give the necessary impetus to my writing, as I got connected with readers and their encouraging words did help in boosting my morale.


Q. What inspired you to write in the first place? Any author/book who influenced you to write?

I was inspired to write this book as I wanted to bring about a change in women’s lives. Very often women around us are suffering because of unnecessary expectations as we live in a society which expects too much from women. We discovered that not enough literature is available in the form of books, which helps women and guides them in managing the pre-wedding jitters and post wedding challenges, so our book was born.

There are several authors that I enjoy reading. Amitav Ghosh, Vikram Seth, Salman Rushdie, Ayn Rand, Sylvia Plath and Ernest Hemingway, to name a few.


Q. Tell us more about your educational journey in school and college. How were you as a student?

As a student, I was hard working and a bit nerdy. I was very talkative and cheerful, but this is something which only my friends knew.

For the world, I always had this façade of seriousness, as I am an introvert and only people close to me know who I really am.


Q. If you get a chance of meeting a famous personality, who’d he/she be, and why?

I would like to meet Dan Brown. His novels are resplendent with intrigue, secret codes and symbols embedded at the places where they are least expected. The way he finds meaning in the things that people take for granted continues to inspire me. Would love to know the tricks up his sleeve.


Q. If you could, how’d you define your husband in three lines?

Nothing about him is complex, and this is what I love the most. He is happy and grateful for the simplest things in life. Also, he is very empathetic and someone who will not even hurt a fly.


Q. Any future projects, you’re currently working on?

Yes, I am working on my second novel through which I am foraying into the world of fiction writing.


Q. What is your piece of advice for aspiring writers and bloggers?

As a writer, whichever language you choose to express yourself in, please make sure that you have a command over it. Take writing workshops, brush up your grammar and get to know the nuances of writing. Self-publishing has made things easy today but at the same time, the quality of writing has deteriorated and I know writers who have written several books and yet are unable to write grammatically correct sentences.

There is no alternative to hard work and when you work hard on your writing, it does make you stand out.


I wish Deepika Sharma Grover all the very best for her work regarding women upliftment 🙂

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