Interview: Raghvendra Singh Nain

Raghvendra Singh Nain (RS Nain): Author Interview

Today, I feel blessed to have Raghvendra Singh Nain sir on board with me for a quick interview session.

Raghvendra Singh Nain sir, belonging to the Moradabad district of Uttar Pradesh, runs a school, by the name RS Nain school, in Moradabad. He has done his higher education with English Litt and his B.Ed from DSVV Haridwar.

Working in the academic field, RS Nain sir inspires us all to gain the skills of “Integrity and maturity”.

He is working hard to bring small changes, one by one, into the literature world. RS Nain sir has made a team of writers who are on the same page and working together in bringing the required changes to the society via writing.

So, this interview is an attempt to know Raghvendra Singh Nain sir, his team, and his upcoming project in a better way.


Q. How would you introduce your “Team Raghav”?

Team Raghav! Well, it’s not a team, but more like a family started with a Facebook page by Raghvendra Singh Nain who took the initiative of making all the writers come to a single platform and talk about the literature. Our family is still growing.


Q. Who can be a part of your team? And, what would be the perks of joining your team?

The one who worship literature and who is passionate about writing!

We provide a chance to everyone who wants to take their writing to the next level without asking for any sort of money for all the write-ups are priceless.


Q. Tell us about your upcoming project. 

Our upcoming anthology “Nothing remains the same” is the collection of the best stories and poems by very talented Writers all over the world. All the stories and the poems are relatable and will strike the chords of your hearts. This book is simply a must-read.

Raghvendra Singh Nain




Q. When did you start writing?

I remember, from the very childhood, I had an inclination for Arts and Literature fields.


Q. Your all time Favorite book?

Arms and the Man written by George Bernard Shaw.


Q. What are your views on self-publishing and traditional publishing?

We all know writers brings the revolution nowadays we are witnessing writers coming from every corner of the country. Our publishing industries have a tough responsibility of shaping the future of literature in India.


Q. Any advice to young writers/authors?

Giving excuses for your failures or blaming the govt., society or your parents won’t help. It never has. It never will.

Raghvendra Singh Nain

Q. If you could change one thing in India right now, what would you like to change?

If I could change one thing in India right now is making people work for their dreams, or the change they want to seek.


Q. How was your experience of Interview with Dipanshu Rawal?

Dipanshu Rawal is both professional and mature in his approach. His skills intrigued me, and I’m happy I did this interview. Thank you, Dipanshu Bhai 🙂


I wish Raghvendra Singh Nain sir all the best for writing and other future endeavours.

Thank you!


4 thoughts on “Interview: Raghvendra Singh Nain”

  1. Kushal K Paisal

    It’s motivational & encouragement for literature. Also inspiration for that youngsters who have talent for writing but because of unawareness not get proper plateform. But now they have that kind of team and plateform for same.

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