Interviewing Shweta Singh (Author & YouTuber)

Interview: Shweta Singh

Today,  we are getting an amazing opportunity to know more about Shweta Singh, who I’d nickname as a free soul. She is a YouTuber, a motivational speaker, and the author of two books “7 Incredible Ways To Gorgeous Failure” and The Night I Woke Up“. These interview sessions are beneficial for budding writers, speakers, and professionals, to understand the journey of successful people in their respective fields of expertise.

Let’s dedicate a few minutes learning more about Shweta Singh.

Shweta Singh
Shweta Singh

Q. Tell us about, let’s say, how would you introduce yourself?

A. I sometimes find it difficult to describe or introduce myself. Not that I don’t know who I am, but I keep discovering something new about me every moment. I am a person who is growing new and young with every single moment.


Q. How do you feel about your book ‘The Night I Woke Up’ having total 4.8/5 star ratings on Amazon?

A. That’s a really good feeling. I feel that I have been quite successful in helping people realize the power and beauty of their dreams. (You can read my book review of ‘The Night I Woke Up’ here)


The Night I Woke Up - Book Cover
Book Cover

Q. Your book starts with the quote-

“This book is dedicated to the child inside you for that child has lofty dreams and everything is possible for him/her.”

How far have you managed to keep the child inside you alive?

A. I am a child. Period.


Q. My favorite quote from your book is,

“Work you must, but on your dreams first.”

Which one is yours?

A. It’d certainly be- “Before you know what success is, know thyself”.


Q. In your quote, you’ve mentioned ‘thyself’. What is your perspective of/for God?

A. I am made up of the same atoms as of the stars and planets. This Universe we live in is our creator. If you look deep inside, you’ll find that you are the universe becoming conscious of itself. And that’s why I believe I am my own GOD. Whenever I feel low, I look inside. Because that’s where all the power is.

In a nutshell, For me, GOD is my Universe and Universe is me. I am my own GOD.


Q. If you could pick only one last book of your life, which one will you pick and why?

A. A Coloring fairytale book. Not only a color book but, a fairytale coloring book; because my life is a fairytale, and more than books I believe in myself.


Q. I’ve noticed that ‘HeRo’ tattoo on your wrist in your videos. What’s that all about?

A. I live in a world of fairies, heroes, and legends. I believe that everyone has come here for a mission, which most have forgotten about. I know my purpose of coming here on earth and that’s why I call myself a Hero, who is on a mission. My blog , where I share deep insights and experiences from my own life and write about what I feel inside. It’s like a journal to me.


Q. From having stage fear during your school time to becoming a motivational speaker; how’d you rate your journey so far?

A. My journey hasn’t been very smooth as is quite apparent from the book. But I feel I would not have been the same person as I am today if all that had not happened. Everything happens for a reason. You can either grow from it or step back. Pain has to happen either way. So why not face that charming pain of moving ahead?

But I need to say that my dreams have changed. Earlier I used to dream of becoming THE GREATEST MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER. I have grown above that point. I might not share everything I dream of but yes, that’s beyond materialistic pleasures for sure.


Q. Do you have any upcoming projects for your readers?

A. Recently, I have been loving recording youtube episodes. That way I feel, I connect better to my audience and also, because I love editing and filming. All the creativity, fun, colors, and music (apart from the information) just lit me up.

I shoot, record and edit myself and it’s so much fun. The prime purpose of my episodes is to become your best version.


Q. If I may ask, why’d our readers join the 300 subscribers’ list for your youtube channel? What’s in it for them?

A. I make videos inspired by own experiences. The more real it is, the better people connect. Every day I am discovering something (while taking that journey inside) new and how magical we are. Becoming your greatest version is a process cultivated by habits and ideas that inspire and evolve you. My channel will help you unravel the magic of life. You can visit my channel by searching “Discover The Hero” on YouTube.


Q. Any words of wisdom you’d like to pass on to the budding writers and your readers?

A. To the aspiring writers, do not write until it comes from your heart.

To the readers, feed your mind only what your heart believes in.


I wish Shweta best of luck for her future endeavours 🙂 <3


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