Legitimacy of Power: Book Review

About the Book (Legitimacy of Power)

The Security Council, the all-powerful UN body for maintaining world peace, remains mired in its World War II origins. The victors, the US, Russia, China, Britain, and France, continue to control it with their permanent membership and the veto. Their confrontations emasculated the Council during the Cold War and their cooperation spawned questionable military actions thereafter.

The book traces the origins of international security cooperation and scrutinizes the moorings of the Security Council’s powers in international law. It critiques the permanent five’s manipulation of the Council to aggressively strengthen their global dominance and legitimize their exercise of power.

Their doctrines and actions in countries like Iraq, Yugoslavia, and Libya have hindered the Council’s evolution as a responsible body which has the trust of a globalizing world. This book is an essential read for practitioners and scholars to understand the Security Council and the failure to reform it.

Book Review

First and foremost, if you’re interested in widening the horizon of your general knowledge about how the power works in this world, this book is a must-read for you.

Humans are power-hungry species – at the same time, we are civilized, unlike most animals. For we don’t go mad about power all the time, we needed a neutral body to regulate and maintain the law and order among the countries. And hence the UN came into existence.

EVERYTHING you need to know about the UN is in this book. The book has quite a useful bibliography at the end.

“Legitimacy of Power” is well categorized into 16 chapters, that are filled with facts. The language used in this book is easy to read and sophisticated at the same time.

Dilip Sinha (the author of Legitimacy of Power) has been the head of India’s UN affairs during its membership of the Security Council in the eventful period, 2011-2012.

Legitimacy of Power is the result of all his experience and dedication to understanding even the tiniest matters that were happening around.

It was somewhat a new genre for me, and damn! I loved this book 🙂

If you’re a UPSC/Govt Exam aspirant, this book is for you.

For readers who are interested in learning about foreign policies, Legitimacy of Power will give you a fresh perspective.


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About the Author

Dilip Sinha was head of India’s UN affairs during its membership of the Security Council in the eventful period, 2011-2012. He was ambassador to the UN in Geneva, where he was elected Vice President of the UN Human Rights Council in 2014 and Vice Chairman of the South Centre. Sinha steered India’s response to the crises in Libya and Syria in the Security Council and to Sri Lanka in the Human Rights Council. During his diplomatic career, Sinha headed India’s relations with Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran and served in Germany, Egypt, Pakistan, Brazil, Bangladesh, and Greece. Dilip Sinha is now based in India where he writes and delivers talks.



Legitimacy of Power
Dilip Sinha
Foreign Policy, Non Fiction
VIJ Books (India) Pty Ltd
1 Jan 2019

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