Man vs Wife: Book Review

About the Book- Man vs Wife:

The story is a sweet and sour narrative of a young, impulsive IT professional who wants to divorce his wife. Having come across the draconian Indian laws highly biased in favour of his wife, he teams up with a middle-aged struggling lawyer willing to go to any extent for greed. The lawyer advises the husband to break the seven vows of marriage one by one so that his wife starts hating him and agrees for mutual consent route, even before they decide to go for a contested divorce.
Will this husband be able to break the seven vows of marriage, at last? And the greedy lawyer… will he be successful to break this marriage off?

Book Review

My first impression of the book wasn’t good at all. I thought it’d be another jerky, misogynistic, and cheesy/tragic romance fiction. Also, why is the title “Man vs Wife” and not “Man vs Woman” or “Husband vs Wife”.

But damn, the book was good.

The language is simple and the concept is extremely sticky. In fact, the plot of this book is well drafted. 5/5 to the author for this.

So the story is about the protagonist trying to divorce his wife. But then entered the main melodrama of Indian law and the author walks the reader through the various complications of laws in India. The reader will see how the laws blindly support women in most of the cases.

The book is written from a male’s perspective and a sequel from a female’s point of view can definitely be an interesting read.

For this, it’s a strong 4/5 overall, and a recommended light read.

Man vs Wife - book cover
Man vs Wife – book cover

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Man vs Wife

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