Meet Dr Ajay Yadav (Author of ‘From Where I See’)

A doctor who writes: Dr Ajay Yadav

Today I am interviewing an anaesthetist and a writer, Dr Ajay Yadav, the author of a wonderful semi-fiction book- From Where I See.

Let’s  get straight to his introduction in his own words.

Dr Ajay Yadav
Dr Ajay Yadav

{ I’m not judging or anything, but Dr Ajay Yadav is damn good looking 😀 }


Q. How will you define Dr Ajay Yadav: a writer who happens to be a doctor or a doctor who writes too?

A doctor who writes too. The immense satisfaction and pleasure I get from my medical practice are irreplaceable. Reading and writing is just my hobby.


Q. Your book “From Where I see” is far away from usual urban teen fiction. How did you decide to take the bold step of writing something other than what’s already prevailing in the markets?

You write or make a movie/ TV serial as per prevailing trend of society if your aim to write a book or make a movie is “only commercial” which fortunately was not mine.

There are 2 types of people in this world. First, who are sensitive to their own needs and own desires; their life revolves around ‘me’ only.  Second, who are sensitive to the needs of others; their concern is ‘we’, we as a society, as a country, as a world and most importantly as humans. Unfortunately! I belong to the second category.

This sensitivity, desire to show the other side of curtain and desire to change the world to establish utopian society were the motivating factors for me to take such a bold decision. There is no weapon stronger than a pen in bringing revolution so I decided to pen down.

Here’s my review of the book- From Where I See by Dr Ajay Yadav (Book Review)



Q. From writing the first word of the book to selling its first copy, how’d you define the journey?

It’s definitely had been a long journey. It took me almost 2 years to write the book and then almost a year to see it in shelves. Although getting the book printed, of course with many rejections, at times was frustrating however largely the journey was quite enjoyable, fascinating and meaningful.



Q. Why do you write? Tell us about your other likes and dislikes.

Firstly, it is my hobby; I love to write and secondly, I carry Haryanvi genes; Why I should I keep my views with me only!!!

I like running; I run marathons, travelling is my passion. Reading literature and watching good movies gives me a real thrill.

I am a dreamer of a utopian society, therefore any unethical practice irks me a lot, sometimes even more than required!!


Q. There are numerous views of Utopian societies. What sort of ‘Utopian World’ description is expected from your book?

My description of utopian society is just one liner where every one of us “Just tries our best not to harm any human being physical, emotionally and financially”, the last one, of course, is very difficult!!


Q. What do you think about the prime reason for human existence?

If I say that human existence is to serve each other…then answer will be non-practical and too political!!

For nature human being is just like any other living species on this earth. However being the most intelligent creature we have developed societies and civilisations It is our responsibility to keep these societies and civilisations as clean as possible.


Q. Who’s your favourite character from the book and why?

The lead character, Shruti because she was one among the rarest people who have guts to say and accept truth.


Q. A lot of reviewers have commented about the extensive research you’ve done over the subject. How’d you like to respond to this?

I would like to say thanks from the bottom of my heart to such reviewers as they could really appreciate my effort. It was real hard work.


Q. Tell us more about your profession and routine in the day to day work. How do you like to spend your leisure time?

Largely too busy as I am heading three departments, Anesthesia, critical care and pain management services in my hospital. On most of the weekends I travel pan India to take lectures. Medical field is rapidly developing therefore subject text books which I have written do need frequent up gradations.

With all this I have to balance my work with my hobbies like running, reading, travelling and watching good movies.


Q. Can we say that being an anesthesiologist, you’ve tried to ease out people’s pain via writing too?

This won’t be applicable to this book as it is serious but definitely my next book will be humorous 😉


Q. Who is your favorite writer in Hindi and in English language?

S. C. Chatterjee and Munshi Prem Chand in Hindi while Dominque and Lepre, the authors of freedom at midnight, in English.


Q. What do you have in store for your readers? Is there any upcoming project of yours?

Right now focusing on upgrading the medical books; may be next year will write a literature book, however that will be lighter!!


Q. What’s your advice to the budding writers in the philosophical genre?

The most difficult thing is to break the shell of someone’s existing views, resisting the change is human nature. If the change is for good, people will accept it however very slowly, therefore people writing philosophical book need to be very patient and tolerant. Moreover, the commercial value of philosophical books is definitely less than the crispy books. So, keep this in mind too!



I wish Dr Ajay Yadav all the best for his medical services as well as for his writing pursuing and other future endeavours. I’d be waiting for more to read from him.

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