Meet Nimesh Sommanek: Author of London Calling India

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In the times, when the world is lost in finding the meaning of myriad words like ‘tolerance’, we still have writers like Nimesh Sommanek, who are writing about humanism and emotions. He has published his first book “London Calling India: The Saga of Humanism” recently, and here we are going to know about him in detail.

Nimesh Sommanek
Nimesh Sommanek

Q. “Nimesh Sommanek” is a unique name? Will you tell us its meaning and how far this relates to your personality?
Nimesh is basically a Gujarati word. As I am from Rajkot, Gujarat so it is obvious that Gujarati word is reflecting in my name. The meaning of “Nimesh” is to observe or look without winking and yes, I am definitely on the same line. Once I learn something with proper observation, then no one needs to show me the same thing again.


Q. How’d you introduce yourself: a writer who also works as a software engineer or a software engineer who happens to write sometimes?
I am a software engineer who writes sometimes. Writing is my passion and I want to do it any cost but at the same time, mathematics and analytics are also my passion. Software engineering is the only field where I can use my mathematical mind.


Q. What should a reader expect from your book “London Calling India: The saga of Humanism”?
Since the launch of the day, I have received various request that what is the meaning of “the saga of Humanism” so I would elaborate that this story is mainly focused towards the religion “Humanism”. And, how Humanism transforms the life of 2 Indians living in India and London. This book covers some of the scenario based on some real life inspirations that forced these 2 characters to follow Humanism. At the same time, it doesn’t force its thought to anyone. For readers, it is a comedy, romance, love, friendship and unexpected twist that they had never thought before reading this book. Humanism is integrated into the flow of the story.


Q. The book’s subtitle has the word ‘humanity’ in it. How’d you see humanity in today’s world?
Yes, Humanity exists around the world but it is often confusing as well. I have seen many people around me that help others for food, clothes and education. At the same time, sometimes in the newspaper, we hear that a man robbed while helping some person. Such kind of incidents prevents from helping some of the people as well.


Q. Which is your favourite character from “London Calling India” and why?

The story revolves around four characters Naman, Megha, Dhyey and Jane. All of them are lovely and adorable. I love Naman’s character most as it is near to my heart. His emotional quotient and non-emotional approach both are close to my heart. I found him relatable to me.


Q. If you weren’t a software engineer, what’d you be?
My father is a businessman and as I am the only heir of him, I would have continued with his business. I think that I would have got more time to write if I had opted for business. Actually, I was also interested in joining his business but after completing college when I got the opportunity, I grabbed it and my destiny continued with the title of a software engineer. 4 years has already passed for me, as a software engineer.


Q. Tell us about your journey of getting published.
Truly speaking, I never thought about publishing my book. When I was writing, I did it without any expectation. I thought many times that I want to spread this message of Humanity to more and more people but publishing was never in my mind. When I completed my writing of this first story, I gave it to my sister for reading. She liked it and she edited some of the parts as well. Meanwhile, my close friends were aware of all this. They wanted to read it.

I thought that I should go for copyright then I can provide PDF copy to my friends or relatives. As per Government of India, waiting period is 3 months for this process. I set a reminder of 3 months in my calendar and get busy with other work. After 3 months, I checked the status of my book but it was still in pending. After few follow-ups, I forget about this at all. Suddenly after next 3 months, I got an email from copyright office that they will send me a certificate of copyright. It was the happiest moment.

Meanwhile, my friends suggested me to send my submission of “London Calling India” to one publication house. It is also very renowned publication house. I sent 3 sample chapters with the manuscript. I waited for mentioned time period. After a few days, they replied that they will take more time as they are analysing further. Suddenly after few days, they rejected my application. I started to search for other publication house and somehow I reached to Author’s Ink. It was very smooth process from application assessment to book launch. Finally, I am a published writer.


Q. Which was the most adorable moment you experienced while writing this book?

There are a few incidents of travelling in the story like train journey from Delhi to Ahmedabad, bus Journey from chotila temple to Ahmedabad and some of the real life incidents included during those journies. During one of those journies, Naman, Megha and Dhyey meet first time together. When they travel back to Ahmedabad, their thoughts about that meeting while travelling and visiting one of the markets in Ahmedabad is the mixture of some of the real experiences. I mesmerise those people who are related to those beautiful incidents. I think this one was the most adorable part for me.


Q. How did you feel when you held the copy of your book for the first time?
It was an amazing moment of my life that my work was on my hand. I was feeling blessed that finally the story of “Humanism” is now available to all. Some of my friends were asking since many days about it so I gave a few of the copies to them.


Q. Do you read as much as you write?
I like to read but I am not getting that much time at all. Still, I read. I try to complete one book within the duration of a month. Even I am not getting time to write as well. Apart from reading and writing, I am fond of Yoga, travelling, visiting new places, solo journey, experimenting with food dishes; and I want to give time to all of them with regular job and business of my father.


Q. Which book is your favourite one? Any favourite writer/blogger?
I would say “Bhagwat Geeta” is the best book for me. I have read the same book from many authors because all of them give new angle and an example related to it. This book is really life changer for me. I would say, no other book can ever compete with this one.


Q. Do you have anything in reserve for your readers? Any upcoming projects?
Yes, I am writing my next. Though it is very early to discuss it but I would like to share the title and some details. The title is “Asma is definitely safe” where the title role of Asma is played by a 5 years old girl Asma. This story is her journey towards understanding the reason behind her parents’ story. Based on the lesson from this story, she will also take few actions after few years to save society.
Q. Any word of advice for your writer fellows?
I am a novice to this field but still, I would like to convey this. Read your own book as a reader once and edit accordingly. It will definitely help you.


Q. A few words about the Interviewer: Dipanshu Rawal?
He is a gentle man, soft spoken and a nice person. His command of his work is apparently visible and I don’t need to explain it anymore. I will recommend my fellow authors to get in touch with Dipanshu for the book review and author interview.


I congratulate Nimesh for his debut book “London Calling India” and wish him best of luck in his future endeavours.

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