Making 2020 my year of AWESOMENESS

Let’s be honest here for a moment.

I have lived the most of my life focusing on what’s coming next… and not really planning what do I want to make of it.

I have focused so much on the short term targets- I want to earn X% raise, I want X amount of clients, I want to buy XYZ.

I never really paused and reflected- “What do I actually want in life?”

But then a couple of incidents happened, and I did start clearing out my long term vision.

It happened somewhere around the final quarter of 2019 when I found myself asking the real questions to myself and everyone around me, “Well, yeah okay, but what do you really wanna do in life?”

More Clarity

By asking better questions, things started becoming more clear to me.

I figured I want to live (and help others live) a peaceful life, full of compassion, kindness, and love.

And this 2020 is going to be my year of AWESOMENESS wherein I’ll move closer to what I truly want to be and do in life, and simultaneously help others figure out the same in their lives.

I have spent a lot of weekends meditating on how am I going to pursue my purpose of life, 2020 is going to make a solid foundation for the years to come.

Having a long term vision and a short term plan to get there

Well, that’s the plan.

Let’s suppose my target is to get debt free in 2021. That’s my long term vision.

If I have 24,000 worth of debt, I’ll need to save (or earn extra) 1000/month to become debt free in 2021. That’s my short term plan.

Did you see how we calculate it there?

If your goal is to become more patient and calm in behavior, your target could be to practice meditation once a day.

My vision is to help X people by the end of 2020. And to be there, my target is to write and post regularly, give 1-on-1 sessions, create amazing products, etc.

More Kindness, Less Ego

Can I do 1 act of kindness every day for others?

I keep on asking this to myself.

Can I? Yes.

Will I? Ummm… let’s try.

It’s funny how the universe works.

The more I give, the better I get. Maybe not instantly, maybe not from the same person, but yeah, karma finds its way.

So Dipanshu, let’s make 2020 be the year when you give and give and give, and… let’s see what happens next.

And ego? That’s going the kill the kindness factor.

Let’s try and keep your ego in check from now on.

[Side note- if you want to read a book on Kindness, go and buy this book: The Book of Kindness – How to make others happy and be happy yourself  by Om Swami]

book of kindness - om swami - book cover
The book of kindness – Om swami – Book Cover

Monthly Challenges

I have done 10, 30, 100 days challenges before too, wrt writing, marketing, gymming, etc.

It’s fun, and it’s a good boost to your strategy.

My January challenge was to go deep into studying and practicing my mind-body connection. Done and dusted. More on that some other day perhaps.

My February challenge was working on my mental clarity. Focused Journaling, Walking Meditation, Mindful eating.  Done and dusted.

My March challenge is to write. A lot. Today’s 1 March when I am writing this, and so yes, it’s a good start 🙂

My April challenge is to… well, let’s take one step at a time here, okay?

But how do I decide what to take up as a monthly challenge?

Making life long habits

Or as James Clear says in his book “Atomic Habits” – Creating an identity.

I am not choosing 100 pushups a day as a monthly challenge, because I am not that person, and it’s not going to be a life-long habit for me.

On the other hand, I am working out 3-4 times a week in the gym, well, that sounds like an amazing plan.

Or writing a journal every 8-10 days, meditating every day, mindful eating – these are the things I can see myself doing every day throughout my life.

What about you? What do you see yourself doing throughout your life?

Self Accountability

If I don’t care for myself, who else will?

If I don’t invest in myself, who else will?

If I don’t create a life I want to live, who else will?

If I don’t pause and reflect on my current state, who else will?

If I don’t develop patience, stillness, and peace in myself, who else will?

I’ll face my fears

For starters, I roam around writing emails, courses, or posting on my Instagram profile, ANYTHING I could do to avoid writing.

Why? Because I have to sit down and actually do the writing, instead of talking about it. And it’s tough.

It’s boring. Writing is boring. “Talking” about writing is fun. Social Media Marketing is fun. Growing your email family is fun.

What’s not fun? Writing.

What matters to me? Also writing.

So I am taking the leap, and facing my fear. Keeping my reasons (read: excuses and ego) aside, I’ll write. I’ll write a lot.

Wait, did I again start talking about writing. Shit. Sorry.

I’m ready to fail

I know I am going to fail. I know this is not the best post I am going to write. Read my posts from 2021, they are going to be far better. (Wait, did I start talking about writing again? Oh goodness!)

But I’ll reach there only if I keep writing, keep failing, keep learning, and keep getting better.

I choose to start today. To try. To fail. To learn. To get better.

When will you start?

When will you try? When will you fail? When will you learn? When will you get better?


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