The Other Guy by Aakash Mehrotra: Book Review

About the Book (The Other Guy)

A bold and beautiful book that touches the heart and mind forever. Set in contemporary India, The Other Guy is a tale of forbidden gay love. Amidst laws which declare them criminals, emotional repression and societal suppression, Nikhil, and Anuj, two talented young men, are deeply in love with each other. Though polar opposites, they effortlessly complement each other. The truth is known only to a few select friends, and to Anuj’s sister. The novel is about making the hard, heartbreaking choices to allow such a relationship to breathe and survive in a traditional land of rigid taboos. Anuj experiences separation from his family as he decides to choose candor over coy; to listen to his desires; to be open and free. But it is not the same as his partner, Nikhil. When his mother initiates talk of marriage, Anuj coaxes Nikhil to take a decision that can scar their lives forever. Do societal diktats run the lives of these gifted young men or does love prevail? Do Anuj and Nikhil have the last laugh, using society against itself? Nikhil and Anuj’s story is just one of many, most of them buried in the misery of silence. It deserves to be read by everyone who wishes to see a more inclusive world where acceptance and humanity grace our lives.


Book Review (The Other Guy)

I got a chance to read this gay love story at a time when Indians are waiting for the court’s decision regarding decriminalizing 377 act (that posts LGBT community as criminals)

Nikhil and Anuj- both of these characters are knitted beautifully. The story starts with a lovemaking scene (the book has a lot of love scenes, obviously!), and then with the flashbacks of the college time memories.

Keeping the society in mind, Aakash Mehrotra has penned down a plot with a sensitive issue. To be honest, if there’d be a guy and a girl in the story, instead of two guys, the story would have been too cliched- which it isn’t.

The plot is good enough. The vocabulary of the author is impressive. The narration part is beautiful.

The only problem I had is with the sentence structures. Those incorrect sentence formations keep on irking me. I know, with time, this thing can be improved. But with this book, it is a problem.

The book blurb creates suspense and the title and the book cover are complementary. I loved the book-title “The Other Guy”- simple, subtle, and catchy.

Looking forward to Aakash’s next work.

the other guy- book cover
the other guy- book cover

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The Other Guy
Aakash Mehrotra

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