Burn Them Down: The Art of Forgiveness


I was molested at the age of 7. How can I forgive the person who did that to me?” 

Honestly, I didn’t have an answer to her question. 

So I asked her what were her options? What could she do to get out of this situation? 

I told her what I did when I had to forgive someone who broke me.

And I am telling you as well.

“Burn them down” is a real-life case study of how a person can move on from a tragic past by practicing forgiveness on a daily basis.

What will you get in this book?

  • 4-Step Systematic Forgiveness Formula
  • 1 forgiveness exercise you can practice daily
  • 1 forgiveness exercise for immediate relief
  • 2 real life case studies (including mine)
  • 1 bonus story at the end of the book