P.S. I Love You: Book Review

About the book in 5 points (Book: PS I Love You)

1. Love is the only thing that transcends through the time.

2. Grief is temporary when you have caring friends around.

3. Never leave anything unsaid. You never know when you’d be having the last day with your loved one.

4. Sometimes it takes a lifetime to forget someone.

5. They say nothing lasts forever; but for some, love lives on even after they’re gone.


PS I love you - book cover
PS I love you – book cover

Book Blurb of PS I Love You

P.S. I Love You is an uplifting debut book of the author, Cecilia Ahern. It is a sweet and simple love tale that revolves around childhood sweethearts, Holly and Gerry. They always knew that they are soul mates and are destined to be together. This is evidenced by the fact that they could complete each others’ sentences. And after fighting they would just laugh it off and be normal and loving. None of their folks could envisage them without each other.

But this love saga takes an unfortunate turn when it is found that Gerry is suffering from a brain tumor. Gerry’s unfortunate death ruins Holly. On her 30th birthday, Gerry joins her back in the form of a bunch of love notes that he has left for her for each coming month after his death. He is close to her even after his demise. Through his beautiful loving notes, he tenderly directs her new being without him. Every note of his is signed ‘P.S. I Love You’.

Slowly and steadily, Holly becomes joyful and challenged with reading each of his notes. Gerry, who knows Holly better than anyone else, teachers and guides her that no matter what the circumstances are, LIFE GOES ON…

Holly also finds help and support in her loud and affectionate family and her friends to stand by her side. She laughs, cries and sings through the ongoing years. She believes that everybody should have a Guardian Angel to protect them in one form or the other. She realizes that Life is for Living. This beautiful love story saw the ‘light of the day’ in 2005 and is available in Paperback form. The book can be ordered online at Amazon India.

About the author of PS I Love You

Cecilia Ahern has been the publisher of various novels has donated a number of short stories to several compilations. Ahern also formed and produced the ABC comedy Samantha Who? which starred Christina Applegate. Before initiating into the writing career, she studied Journalism and Media Communications from the Griffith College, Dublin.


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P.S. I Love You
Cecelia Ahern

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