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Re-Discover Yourself

“What would you do to accomplish your 10-year goals in the next 6-months?” 

Duh, Dipanshu! Obviously, I’d need to change my routine, mindset and…that’s pretty much it. 

YES. You need change. 

Let me ask you a softer question. 

Are you happy with the way you are living right now? 

OR Do you want to change?

2 years ago, I was in the worst phase of my life. 

My ego had made sure I keep no friends. My career plans got shattered, my girlfriend dumped me, and my self-esteem was in the gutter. 

Whoever had loved me, I let him/her down.

Moreover, I let myself down. 

So I chose the road less traveled, by re-discovering myself.

I thought, thought and thought. I went into an existential crisis.

And I started hating myself for what I had become.

I had this feeling, where I just wanted to reboot my life. Whatever my identity was, I didn’t like it. And it wasn’t even truly me.

Have you ever felt the same? 

Have you ever felt that you *need* to change yourself, in order to live a better life?

Because I realised, nothing really changes, unless I do. 


Why do you need to “Re-Discover Yourself” ?

Because unless you lose everything, you’ll never see beyond your prejudiced perceptions, and you’ll never be truly aware of the possible opportunities. 
But when you are lost, it could be a blessing in disguise, to start from zero. 
You can re-build your life the way you always wanted to. 

Just like I did when I realised I am at zero.

I took charge. 

Day by day, moment by moment, I started changing my mindset, my habits, my life, and ultimately myself. 

Everything for a greater good. 

Finally, after 2 years, I decided to share my journey of change with you. 

So here I am. 

With this course. Inserting valuable bits in your life. 

What to expect from this course?
  1. No BS.
  2. Crispy routine changing bits of thoughts.
  3. Tiny consistent changes accumulate to cause a butterfly effect. So expect subtle but life-changing tips.
  4. After reading the emails, if you look at your ceiling and think about my words for 30second, every day, and put it in real life, you can expect your friends to say “Hey, you got so different, man!” And expect this to happen within a few weeks.
  5. Starting from today, you are going to receive 1 email from my side regarding how to change your mindset, and be a better version of yourself in this course “Re-Discover Yourself”.

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