Meet Nimesh Sommanek: Author of London Calling India

In the times, when the world is lost in finding the meaning of myriad words like ‘tolerance’, we still have writers like Nimesh Sommanek, who are writing about humanism and emotions. He has published his first book “London Calling India: The Saga of Humanism” recently, and here we are going to know about him in Read more about Meet Nimesh Sommanek: Author of London Calling India[…]

Double or Quits: Book Review

Book BlurbRacy, realistic and fast paced, Double or Quits traces Jyotsna Singh’s story against the backdrop of the treacherous stock markets. Losing her father at the age of 12 and brought up under frugal circumstances, Jyotsna grows up too soon. Nervy and edgy by nature, she morphs into a confident and charming young woman with Read more about Double or Quits: Book Review[…]

The Chocolate Alphabet: Book Review

Book Blurb Could you imagine that every alphabet from A-Z can be linked with chocolates? Every letter has multiple relations with chocolate viz-a-viz Aroma/Addiction, History/ Heritage, Truffles/ Tips and so on. Well, I couldn’t imagine this till I started to pen down my ideas. Did you know that Hershey’s Chocolate center exists where you can Read more about The Chocolate Alphabet: Book Review[…]

Confused Bastards: Book Review

Book BlurbWhat happens when three entrepreneurs initiate a start-up which shocks the nation? Aakash, Jai and Vivek are mostly usual in their ways, except for some. Struggling with their own inner conflicts as well as the cruel world outside, they decide to show the world their true potential. To make it big. But how? They become Read more about Confused Bastards: Book Review[…]