Once Yours…

My dear love, Loving you was possibly the best thing I’ve ever done in my entire life, which didn’t even prove to be fruitful as per the eyes of society. When I first saw you, I didn’t develop any extraordinary impression of you. We had our set of common friends. We met. We hung out. Read more about Once Yours…[…]

Meet Dr Ajay Yadav (Author of ‘From Where I See’)

A doctor who writes: Dr Ajay Yadav Today I am interviewing an anaesthetist and a writer, Dr Ajay Yadav, the author of a wonderful semi-fiction book- From Where I See. Let’s  get straight to his introduction in his own words. { I’m not judging or anything, but Dr Ajay Yadav is damn good looking 😀 } Read more about Meet Dr Ajay Yadav (Author of ‘From Where I See’)[…]

Meet ‘Mayank Sharma’ (Vashi)

“You got feelings? You better pour them into the words.” That’s the first thing I could think of while interviewing a literary soul Mayank Sharma, aka Vashi. He is the author of two novels- “A Cocktail of love” and “Mirage.” He is a technical writer by profession and a free soul by passion. Let’s cut the chase and Read more about Meet ‘Mayank Sharma’ (Vashi)[…]

Interview: Sumit Agarwal (Author of ‘The Four Patriots’)

An author, a public speaker, a musician, an industrialist, charming and dashing Sumit Agarwal is an altruist by nature. His debut novel ‘The four Patriots’ is becoming a hit in markets with an average 4.7/5 star ratings on Amazon. Here, we are going to witness his deep and yet witty answers to my questions.   Interview (Sumit Agarwal) Read more about Interview: Sumit Agarwal (Author of ‘The Four Patriots’)[…]