The Broken Sun: Book Review

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Anay had everything he could ask for. A job he loved. A girlfriend he adored. He was getting recognition for his work. Life should have been dandy then. When layers were peeled off from this so called dandy life of Anay, he loved his assistant more, his girlfriend was dead and his research was missing. He was truly broken. People knew his deepest darkest secrets, his father was still a bastard and he was a murder suspect. In nine hours his life has taken a drastic turn. Could he survive this? Would he survive this seems like a more appropriate question!

This novel is a romance thriller. The story revolves around the protagonist, Anay, who is suffering from mental illness and the story revolves around his shattered life. The story has a strong plot which holds the readers in its grip. The story has a dark theme and aptly describes all the emotions. The language used by the Author is easy to comprehend. The narration is remarkable. The past and present times are well juggled in the book. The story becomes a page turner in the end, leaving readers in awe. In some places, there might be room for more words. The readers may find the situation under explained. The title ‘The Broken Sun’ is well chosen and appropriate to the story line. The book cover is attractive and complements the title. The title and book cover deserve full marks for their first impression.

The book was edited in a terrible way, leaving behind a lot of grammatical mistakes. The author promised to improve this in the upcoming second edition of the book. So, this might be a big turn off for some Grammar Nazis. Otherwise, the novel is awesome and seems promising. All in all, apart from the poor editing, the book is an interesting one time read and delivers all the emotions, in a beautiful way, to the readers. Awaiting its sequel!

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About the Author

Alokita Sharma is the author of Dying at 19, her debut novel, which was published in 2011. She is an engineering graduate and has worked for Essel Group and a publication house from 2012 to 2014. She is currently pursuing a management degree in New Delhi. While studying, she is reading too much, finding new avenues of material to read and a lot of classics. The Broken Sun is her second novel, which is the first installment of the Broken Series. It is a novel after two failed attempts at writing romance. So she has stuck to her original forte, life stories.

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P.S. On a different tagline, I wanted to write something irrelevant, but related. The author has give only 3/5 stars to her own book on goodreads website. I found it strange. It reaches new heights to being critical. I have seen authors give 5/5 stars to their works. Almost everyone does that but this girl has something special to deliver. If you’re critical about yourself, no one else can stop you from achieving great heights.

Way to go, Alokita!

Keep shining. Keep writing.

2 thoughts on “The Broken Sun: Book Review”

  1. Alokita Sharma

    Thank you, Dipanshu. If i forgot to do this when the review appeared, I am sorry.

    Also, when the sequel appears, I would definitely send you a copy to review as well and I hope it has less or no mistakes. ๐Ÿ™‚

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