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The one mistake we all commit when we are at our lowest

Everyone goes through their right and wrong times.

As Joker stated-

“Whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.”

Our hard times push us to be the best versions of ourselves. We don’t only go through our tough times, we grow through our tough times.

But here’s the catch. There’s always one mistake we all often commit while we are growing through our tough times.

We ignore the people who walk us through these tough times.

We focus on the people who put us in tough times. And we ignore the ones who help us go through these times.

And this isn’t an assumption. I have seen people doing this. I have seen myself doing it.

We cry for the people who left us and ignore the people who stayed back.

And it’s the most demeaning act we can put up for a friend.

I wish I were different. I have been the same – ignoring what mattered, and focusing on what never mattered unless someone made me realise this.

So, here I am, feeling grateful for the ones who stayed. Without you, I wouldn’t have come this far. I owe you all my everything. Thank you for your never-ending support and love.

Thank you!

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