The seventh cup: book review

Book Blurb

A student of history in Switzerland goes missing; a man drinks exactly seven cups of coffee every day in the same restaurant and believes in Mind Transportation. Two newly married Swiss detective agents arrive and begin a shocking tale of love, friendship, betrayal and death. From the colourful coasts of Goa, India to the enchanting backdrop of Zurich, Switzerland, the mystery of Verona Schmidt baffles everyone. With shocking twists and turns in every chapter, The Seventh Cup might just have the addictive flavour to stir the reader’s mind…maybe forever!!!
Story and plot
A history student, Verona, suddenly went missing. After eight months, the case was handed to the newly married Swiss couple: Susanne and Thomas. With them, the mystery is solved, one step at a time. While the plot plays its course, the much-awaited suspense is on its way. In all, the book succeeds to keep readers on the edge of their seats. 

My Review

Right from the Chapter 0, the writing is intriguing. Some readers may consider it boring reading about the conversation between two strangers, right at the start of the book whereas I find the conversation sweet and refreshing. For example, consider one of the narrative lines from the scene-

“How often do you encounter a figure of extreme beauty in front of you and refrain from lying?”

 Though, I still believe that the beginning must be bang-on!

The story plot is well crafted and this makes the book captivating. Characters are impressively portrayed, especially talking about the guy Avinash. The author has done an appreciable work on building the story. Overall, it represents a beautiful art.

The writing work is an amalgam of suspense, mystery and emotions. Apart from this cocktail, story doesn’t fail to deliver a satisfactory ending. The climax scene is awesome. But… strictly, no spoilers here.

The readers may also find astonishing, the amount of research the author put into work. Rhonda Byrne’s ‘Secret’ was connected beautifully inside the story and the unique manipulation done was commendable. At these points, you can judge a writer’s creativity. Well, Nitesh just nailed the part.

I, personally, liked the memory transport concept. It’s amazing. It’s fun. It’s magical. 

Book cover and title

The book title was okay but the book cover could have been better. A miniature margin of scope was left here, in this department. 

All in all, the book is, undoubtedly, engaging and entertaining. 

Kudos to Nitesh Jain for writing this awesome book!

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About the Author- Nitesh Kumar Jain

Nitesh Kumar Jain (1987) spent his childhood days in the beautiful state of Assam in India and pursued his schooling at Carmel School, Jorhat. Later he went to BITS Pilani, KK Birla Goa Campus. He graduated as a Chemical Engineer in the year 2010 and worked as a trainee at Aditya Birla Chemicals inThailand for six months. He did his post-graduate work in Chemical and Bioengineering from ETH Zurich, Switzerland, and later worked as an intern at BASF AG, Basel.

During his two-year stay in Switzerland, he conceptualized his debut novel, The Seventh Cup. Currently he is in India working on a start up venture. Apart from writing he loves photography and travelling to new countries to explore different cultures. Here’s his facebook profile link-

Nitesh has visited several countries during the past few years such as Thailand, Switzerland, Italy, Germany,France, Austria,The Netherlands. He wish to visit Turkey, Australia and the Nordic countries in the coming years. 

He believes in the saying by Paulo Coelho:

 When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it!!!

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