TRON/TRX: CryptoAnalysis

While everyone is looking up to Web 3.0, Justin Sun and his team has already started developing Web 4.0

This Web 4.0 is TRON/TRX cryptocurrency, that has the motive of developing significant revolutions in the entertainment industry.

TRON/TRX has grown from 0.002$ to 0.12$ in one month.


(Price chart from CoinMarketCap website)


After studying TRON/TRX for over a month, and analyzing its whitepaper,

let me give you key points about this technology of future.

If we are talking about any crypto coin, we can’t resist but first compare it with our Grandfather- Bitcoin.

Here’s the quick snapshot of distinction (taken from TRON/TRX’s white paper)

TRON- TRX Comparison

TRON could be performing 1500 deals/s – Are you really kidding me?

Well, it is what’s necessary for the entertainment field.


Applications of TRON/TRX


How about when someone swipes you right on Tinder, you get some TRON/TRX points? So, apart from the love, you can also seek out some TRON/TRX tokens.

2. Betting

While even if it’s not the most sought after things, it’s definitely a high paying industry and easing out the currency credibility, TRON/TRX can definitely make a revolutionary impact.

3. Gaming.

We have witnessed the growing online gaming industry. TRON/TRX aims to decentralize the online gaming industry, where the gamer could buy/sell gaming credentials his own way.

4. Mobile Applications

Here, TRON/TRX is supporting two platforms- TWO (Dating App) and Peiwo (Audio live streaming app).

While at the moment, both apps have majorly Chinese user base, we might see it growing out of Asia soon.

5. Entertainment File Sharing.

Your Facebook statuses can be plagiarized. Your tweets can be copied and used.

All the songs we listen to, or ebooks we read, or the movies we download, are mostly plagiarized and the artists suffer heavy Intellectual Property (IP) losses due to this.

TRON/TRX is focusing a lot to decentralize the IP sharing, with which, the content owner (artist) would be able to share his IP to a specific address only, that’d be secured via blockchain technology. So, plagiarizing and sharing without the owner’s permission would be near to impossible.

Quoting Harvey Spectre from Suits (TV Series)

“Don’t play the game; play the man.”


TRON/TRX’s CEO is Justin Sun, who’s a really interesting character,

SThe snapshot below is taken from TRON/TRX website-

Justin Sun



The only thing that worries me, is its market supply-


The huge market supply indicates the price of TRON/TRX coin might not be in thousands anytime in the future.



With a roadmap ready for next 8 years (which is like a century’s time in the cryptocurrency world), TRON/TRX looks a solid coin.

The fundamentals and a heavy team of quality developers, world-class investors make this project more trustworthy.


TRON/TRX is available on Binance (my referral for binance) and Bittrex platforms.


Also, if you’re a beginner, this might help you- How to Invest in Cryptocurrency?

Thank you!

Dipanshu Rawal.





3 thoughts on “TRON/TRX: CryptoAnalysis”

  1. Awesume right up…..Just having few would be great if u can answer this…
    1. The comparison is more technical ..can u write up another article to make it simple …so that a layman can understands.
    2. Can tron become next etherum? What’s it view?
    3.key difference between other alt coins N TRX?

    1. hey, thanks 🙂
      TRX and ETH have different fundamentals. ETH is crypto 2.0 and TRX is crypto 3.0, which is way faster and more compatible with quicker and secured transactions.
      I’ll be writing more about different coins, soon. Stay connected.

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