Undelivered Letters: Book Review

Book Blurb (Undelivered Letters)

Aron, a postman with Marioson Postal Service, found an abandoned bag. It had a few letters that were supposed to be delivered – 20 years ago. He had a choice, either to deliver them now or abandon them forever. He chooses the former.

What were these letters all about?
Who wrote them?
Who are the recipients?
Do these letters still carry a value, after 20 years?

Undelivered Letters (Book Cover)
Undelivered Letters (Book Cover)

Book Review (Undelivered Letters)

The amalgamation and uniqueness of the three stories in this book held me glued to finish it in one read. While I am impressed with the writing style, I am thoroughly disappointed with the pace. In an attempt to (maybe) finish things up, in brief, the narration goes sometimes too slow and sometimes in a rush.

The stories contain emotional elements plotted well at definite spots.

At times, the book seems perfect, and at times, the way the author has tried to sum-up things in short or describing the timeline, there was too shortage of words. Looking at his writing style, I feel confident the author could have done a lot better. The language is easy and impressive. Still, the whole book doesn’t match up a single flow.

For me, it’s only 3/5. 

But, I’ll read other books by the same author (J Alchem) now, in a hope of some better reads.


About Author:

J Alchem is a voracious reader and critically acclaimed author. He is the winner of StoryMirror 2015 ( A nationwide writing competition), NaNoWriMo -2015 and superhero storyteller (2014). He has written in several magazines and newspapers and received the appreciation for the same. His stories have been published in numerous anthologies such as blank Space, Love Bytes and Mighty Thoughts and on various online channels. He is actively involved in writing quotes and short write-ups which have often seen circulated among youth in Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media platforms.

You can reach him at www.authoralchem.wordpress.com www.facebook.com/Jalchem


Here’s the Amazon link- http://amzn.to/2zRz3oL


Undelivered Letters
J Alchem

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