Vertical Living by Vidyangi: Book Review

About the Book- Vertical Living

Vertical Living- Find your Inner Guru, Be a High Performer with Purpose.

In the 1980s, when computers were still early in their evolution, Steve Jobs marketed the concept of laptops to the world. He passed the torch of creativity to people like Elon Musk, who is on a mission to create a colony for humans on Mars.

Innovators like Jobs and Musk rarely get support from market research; in fact, they’re usually slowed down by it. But somehow, they manage to guide themselves, live in the moment, and make the world a more creative place.

In this guidebook to finding your own inner guru, you’ll peer into the imaginations of history’s greatest inventors and entrepreneurs. Explore how to do the following:

–Stay abreast of advancements in technology while being rooted in human nature
–Develop your creativity, imagination, and intuition to pursue original ideas
–Maximise your potential while meeting the demands of a fast-paced, dynamic, and performance-driven lifestyle

Vertical Living- Book Cover
Vertical Living- Book Cover

Book Review – Vertical Living

‘Vertical Living’ by Vidyangi is a compilation of 1000s of pages of wisdom in short 200 pages. The book deals with various philosophies related to life, work, lifestyle, productivity etc in total 10 chapters.

The author, Vidyangi, has experienced the startup culture and the spirituality from a closer spec and thus has related both wonderfully. She has used various examples of successful leaders that could be one’s mentors on the road of success.

Vidyangi has written the lessons in various chapters and certain special points were mentioned in separate write-ups within chapters, titled as ‘blog posts’. Vertical Living is about living your life with utmost productivity and awareness regarding your surroundings and situations. The productivity and mental health are well related and spirituality is the key to their proper working.


I personally loved the way the author has described the imprisonment chapter. She wrote that a prison is not always made up of bricks and walls, often a prison is made up of certain limiting thoughts. The example illustrating this statement is that most of the best artistic and pearls of wisdom books are written in jails. ‘Vertical Living’ is a wonderful book that has elements like this- a statement, its explanation, and then examples of famous world personalities and their lives.


The book majorly talks about higher intelligence, deep intellect and human productivity. Like I said, it’s 1000s pages of wisdom compiled in 200 pages. This book needs to be read with an open mind. Period.

I recommend this book to everyone for a productive future with contents of wisdom and spirituality in it.



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About the Author –Vidyangi Patil

Vidyangi Patil- The Author of Vertical Living
Vidyangi Patil- The Author of Vertical Living

Vidyangi is a writer and a motivational speaker who focuses on concepts in exponential thinking. She is a biomedical engineer by profession. An avid practitioner of Yoga, loves to sing, interested in martial arts, Bombay Jam, Salsa, Hip-hop she takes pride in being the member of Toastmasters Public Speaking and Leadership community.


Another favourite philosophical book of mine- Who will cry when you die?

Vertical Living: Find Your Inner Guru, Be a High Performer with Purpose
Self Improvement, Spiritulity
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