When I Fell in Love with Life: Book Review

Book blurb (When I Fell in Love with Life)

An anthology of writings from a cancer survivor whose therapeutic writing will guide, inspire, and heal your soul. She lays bare all the aspects of private suffering yet points out how she overcame each challenge with grit, determination, and a healthy dose of childish delight and wonder. Profound thoughts narrated in a simple language. Her words and wonderful ability to blend with her surroundings, yet stand out by absorbing the essence of it all; will challenge you to look at life through a rebel’s twinkling eye. Journey with this nature-loving, soul-searching, deep-thinking powerhouse. See what it feels like to touch rock bottom and build a solid foundation for a life made on her terms. A truthful story that continues to redefine the norm and gives you a glimpse into the life of a true survivor.

About the Book- When I fell in Love with Life

The book is a collection of writings that are self-experienced by a breast cancer survivor, Mrs Geetha Paniker. Throughout the book, she describes her vision for every pain that happened to her during her treatment, or rather battle with cancer. This was the time when she fell in love with her cancer. It was, in fact, a part of her. 

Book Review

Right from the inception, the book has a captivating magic. The way the author describes all the beauty is commendable. 

The major belief that led to her victory was- cancer is curable. In her words-

No one sees the ‘can’ in cancer” (Page 16)

This book is motivational. Inspirational. Emotional.  

A reader can’t stop himself from having a sore throat or shedding a tear or two while reading this book. As Dr S. Siva Kumar, states in the Preface of the book, Mrs Geetha Paniker is “An Epitome of Optimism.” And, undoubtedly, readers too, will feel the same, right from the point where they start reading the book. 

As the book blurb says, the book is about Mrs Geetha and her journey for winning over Cancer. In the introduction part, the author convincingly defines ‘journey’ in her unique way, as-

“Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s about unbecoming everything that isn’t you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.” (Page- xiii)

The writings of Mrs Geetha is intriguing and compelling. Here’s a quote from the 1st chapter-

 When I look back, after having been stripped of the pride and beauty of womanhood, I don’t feel any remorse of having lost it; only thankful for having challenged by it and lived through it. (Page-2)

Amidst the chapters, we witness her brilliant poetic skills. Here’s a prose from the same chapter-

It makes no difference, For it served its purpose,True love is not lust,while beauty still reflects. (Page-2)

The book speaks, wonderfully, how a life should be seen. The love, the lust, nature… anything that happens with you, to you, revolves around your soul. And, a healthy body resides only with a strong soul. Here’s what the author writes about the soul-

“Cancer is a disease of the body, not your soul.” (Page- 6) 

With the passage of pages, you’ll witness such beautiful and brave metaphors by the author. This book is a masterpiece, the one that needs to be consumed: to be digested. Read it when you’re low, and observe it doing miracles with your life.  

Cover and title


The cover is mesmerising, just like the author’s writings: closer to nature, showing a big picture. 

The title When I Fell in Love with Life is a classy and justifying titleThe author explains, as to how she fell in love, and the readers may judge where the title came from.

My love story with cancer, the challenges of the last four years— these have made me fall in love with myself. (Page-3)

This book is my favourite read among the books I read in 2016, along with THE FAULT IN OUR STARS (By John Green) and Who will cry when you die? (By Robin Sharma).

Thanks a lot, Mrs Geetha Paniker, to write this masterpiece and inspire millions of deteriorating lives. 

I recommend this book to every human being whoever is alive or wants to be alive. Depression, anger, guilt, every negative emotion erase from our consciousness, whenever we get to read something like this. So, pick this book and let yourself drown in the ocean of positivity created by the author.

It was an immense pleasure to read this. 

P.S. This book is one of the Top-10 books of 2016, enlisted by Pallavi Sareen.
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About the Author

Geetha Paniker is a retired primary school teacher. She has a unique ability to find beauty around when pain rains on her, and it is this pain that keeps her grounded and humane. Geetha is a teacher at heart, but God and nature are her teachers, and she draws lessons from everything around- from the mist on the mountaintop to the dewdrop on a blade of grass. She hails from Anthikad, a village in Trichur, and lives in Chennai. 
When I Fell in Love with Life
Geetha Paniker
Poetic, Autobiographical

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