Who will cry when you die?

The tragedy of life is not death, but what we let die inside of us while we live.
~Norman Cousins.
At some point in our lives, we all need some advice regarding our life’s whereabouts. The secret power lies within us.
I know, many of us have already heard about this book. Some lucky souls might have also read this book. Let me retell you a thing you all know. Some books are meant to be swallowed, while some books are written to intake them as a medicine; two to three times a day. This book is such a work that you need to study daily.
This book is a compilation of small lessons of three-four pages each, with a total of 101 lessons in it. I read 2-3 chapters daily.
The book deals with practical solutions that can make our life more valuable. Let me quote a reasonable lesson from a chapter here, about why to develop honesty within your words…
Saying things we don’t really mean becomes a habit when we practice it long enough. The real problem is that when you don’t keep your word, you lose credibility. When you lose credibility, you break the bonds of trust. And breaking the bonds of trust ultimately leads to a string of broken relationships.
So, I’d like to recommend the book “Who will cry when you die?” by Robin Sharma in the one-book-a-month recommendation.
Happy reading!

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