SlothFox: Why I’d Hire This Website Designing Agency Again & Again

Truth be told, I understand that your website is an integral part of personal branding. And it must be. That’s one of the major reasons why I learned the basics of WordPress and designed this website by myself.
I took some bits and pieces and tried to put them together to make a sensible design, and stuck with it for a while.

However, as time passed, I understood that my website was capable of much more. And the first thing that came into play was my ego (which I let go).
After contemplating for a few days, I came to a conclusion: my website needed an overhaul and for that, I needed to hire either a freelancer or a web designing agency. So, I begin my search.

My Search for a website designing agency

The Internet is a vast space, and being skeptical about hiring someone is ever so natural. What if they don’t do the work the way I want? What if they run away after I pay them? But again, being a freelancer myself, I knew I had to bestow my trust upon someone. I started asking around.

And to my luck, by the end of the week, I had dozens of options in my hand. So, I started contacting the freelancers/agencies and happened to be in contact with an agency called SlothFox.

SlothFox boasts about being ‘an agency for the Creators of today’ and when I had a conversation with them, I knew I had to go ahead with the very same agency. For

  1. They understood my needs.
  2. They were quick to acknowledge the strong points and weak points of my website and told me where the design can be improved for my best benefits. &
  3. They answered all my queries and doubts I had regarding the redesign.

And hence, I (confidently) chose to go ahead with SlothFox.

Pre Design Conceptualization

Those who are regular readers of my blog, know that I am a minimalist. I prefer maximum output with minimum input. Fewer colors, and more impact.

And that’s exactly what I communicated with SlothFox’s team. Instead of just affirming on what I wanted them to visualize, they became part of the conversation and started discussing about what kind of design implementation (keeping in mind the minimalist approach) would help me the most. Within no time, I and the team were ready to design the final layout of my website.

The Design

After the conversation was done, I handed over the details of my accounts to SlothFox and got busy in my works.

To my surprise though, SlothFox got back to me within a week, notifying me that website had been designed and asking me if I needed any changes.

Excited, I opened the website and woah! They had added required sections and website pages just the way I needed. Now it was worth noting that I had requested custom designed pages for Book ReviewsBranding, and Self-improvement (which they usually don’t include in their packages), and yes, they had pleasantly exceeded my expectations.

Dipanshu Rawal Website Mockup - SlothFox

Honestly, I liked the fact that they added their own touch of minimalistic approach to the homepage where they kept the entire layout a combination of Black and White and tabbed Social Media profiles, Contact form, and About Me in a single section.

I went through the website and informed them about some minor changes, and they did it as quickly as possible.

After I confirmed the design, they asked me how should what do I seek when I ask for email subscribers. I explained to them and here is what they immediately put up on the website – a pop-up:

Popup -

Overall, now my website was entirely ready for the launch within two weeks, courtesy: the amazing work of SlothFox.

And then it was time for me to get some first-hand feedback from my friends, and guess what? They loved the makeover of my website too! ❤

Post Design Assistance

Now comes the part where most people are worried about. What after the agency/freelancer hands over the website to you? Do they look at it? Or do they ask for more amount for maintenance? Keep reading to know what really happened in my experience with SlothFox.

After the design was done, I (hesitantly) asked them for a landing page for my Content Writing Services. Now as I mentioned above, these extra designs aren’t included in their packages, but here, Aniruddha (the founder) got back to me saying that they’ll do it without any extra cost!

And as he said, I got my page designed and it’s truly beautiful (SlothFox added its inputs here too, discussing how I could get the best of the page).

Content Writing Services Mockup - SlothFox

Also, I recently launched my first podcast episode, and SlothFox helped me learn how to upload a podcast episode on my website and the other things related to it.

After that was done, I requested for a floating Facebook Messenger Chat button on the website and voila! I got the implemented immediately too. (I then thought SlothFox is a Santa Claus of website designing agencies. 😂)

Jokes aside, they went above and beyond what was promised. As it’s a WordPress website, regular theme and plugin updates are necessary.

And with SlothFox, I don’t worry about them anymore. The team regularly updates all the required things and keeps me informed about major changes in the core updates too!

Screenshots - SlothFox

So do I recommend SlothFox and its services?

YES. YES. Thousand times yes.

I am truly a fan of their services now. As you understood from what I said above SlothFox provided professional and quality services. I love how these guys over delivered the promised results.

I need to contact them right now! How do I do it?

Well, here’s their: Website | Facebook | Instagram | WhatsApp

Note: This is not a sponsored post. This is my honest review, no promotional stuff.

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