7 Reasons why you need a personal brand!

As we have already talked about What is a Personal Brand?

The first thing anyone would like to ask is-

Do I even need a Personal Brand?

“But Dipanshu, I run a small shop, a tuition centre, a mini restaurant in a small town. Why would I need a personal brand?”

You’d still need a personal brand- to stand out from your competitors.

Let me tell you about my first-hand experience.

I belong to Banga, Punjab. With an approximate population of 25,000 people, you can comfortably call it a small town.

In Banga, if a 10th standard student decides to study sciences in 11th standard, the only one teacher everyone recommends as the best Physics teacher is Keshav Jain. That’s it.

He is the best teacher of Physics in Banga and nearby areas, and everyone knows it.

There are a lot of other physics teachers in the locality. But the best Physics teacher? Keshav Jain.

There’s no other answer to this question. No other name.

That’s the power of personal branding.

No doubt he is providing quality to the student community and in return, he has established an offline- local personal brand.

You must be having one famous teacher, one famous restaurant, one famous personality that outshines everyone and everything.

Note: Going online or offline- this solely would depend on your business goals, demography, and other factors. But branding, marketing and sales strategies need to be well crafted, anyway.

So, coming back to the point,

How’d having a personal brand benefits you?

You don’t find opportunities. Opportunities find you.

Once you have created an impactful brand, you won’t have to market your product or your service. Your brand will do the marketing for itself.

When you are a struggling actor- you keep on giving auditions and you get a lot of rejections. But once you are Rajnikant or Shah Rukh Khan, you get movies by yourself. Heck, instead directors and producers approach you then.

These stars have established such impactful brands around themselves, that they don’t need to keep marketing again and again.

Better job opportunities.

Once you have established your brand online, you can get better job opportunities.

Heck, even the companies will come forward to hire you. Why? Because they know- everyone knows that you’re the best in your domain.

Just so you know- for this aim, LinkedIn is a really beneficial platform to start with.

Better Networking.

It is said that you are the average of five people you spend most of your time with.

Why would Mukesh Ambani want to have a cup of coffee with you?

But if you are the best Brand Strategist alive, he might give it a shot.

Better Clients.

Creating a personal brand would help you get better and bigger clients.

Your price per hour can accelerate, and who knows! you might be able to quit your full-time job as well.


People will talk about you. And not only that, people will talk ‘good’ about you.

Your brand revolves around the things you love doing- and you’d be able to do such things for a broader range of people.

The efforts, the results, the image- everything will get recognition. Your brand will reach out to a bigger audience.

Influencer Marketing

When you establish a brand, you authenticate yourself as an influencer in that particular niche. With the rise of social media, there’s a growing market associated with influencers.

Check out this post by Gal Gadot (Actress who played the lead role in Wonder Woman movie)

Gal Gadot - Paid Partnership with Revlon
Gal Gadot – Paid Partnership with Revlon

She has done a paid partnership with Revlon. So, all she had to do was- use Revlon, click a picture and post it on her social media accounts. In exchange, Revlon would reward Gal Gadot with real cash. Now beat that!

Make more money.

Honestly, who doesn’t love money?

(If your answer is “Dipanshu, I don’t like money”- you seriously need to think about it again.)

More opportunities, better networking, high paying clients: everything leads to earning more money.

Your customers will approach you. How well you close the deals, it’s on you!

why you need a personal brand - infographic
why you need a personal brand – infographic

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