Your content is your brand!

The posts, the memes, the photos you share online, is by default creating your brand.

Like I mentioned earlier as well, people have a certain perception about you when they see your social media profiles.

Eg- many of my online friends can relate me to ‘writing’ or ‘reading’ words because that’s the kind of content I generate purposely.

Your content gives your brand message.

It tells the audience about the theme and genre your brand works around.

When someone hums “Tum hi ho” song from Aashiqui 2 movie, you can easily relate it to Arijit Singh. Undoubtedly, the song was a chartbuster! And this very song gave Arijit’s personal brand a genre to work around – “Love and Heartbreaks”.

After this, Arijit had quite a good run with multiple projects singing songs around this genre. And that’s an exceptionally good example of how personal branding works!

Your content can be text, voice, or image.

Once you listen to the signature heavy Amitabh Bachchan’s voice, even without looking at his face, you can recognize him.

Whenever you spot 26 alphabets long English word on twitter, that you can’t even find in your dictionary, you know the tweet must be from Shashi Tharoor! This is because he’s selling his books with a brand image of books with “high-quality English words”.

Or even a damn pose works!

Just look at the signature pose of Shah Rukh Khan and you immediately get vibes of a playboy/romantic guy from the pose – because that’s the sort of movies SRK do!

shahrukh-khan pose
shahrukh-khan signature pose

Content Marketing is the next big thing

Forget about Digital Marketing or Social Media Management. These two aren’t the priorities.

Content Strategy and Content Marketing are the foremost steps you’d be considering whenever you want to strategize creating a brand.

53% of marketers say blogging is their top content marketing priority. (HubSpot, May 2017)

What should be your plan?

Don’t ever share anything on the internet that doesn’t strengthen your brand. No matter how funny a meme is, don’t re-post/share it if that doesn’t help your brand.

Your posts should be planned on a calendar and shared on regular times.

“What you think is what you become” ~ The Law of Attraction


What you share online is what and how people will perceive you and your brand.

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